Danny Pigge’s Thursday Night Pigskin Preview Games and our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week

High School Football TONIGHT/Thursday Night, in and around Guilford County
All games set to kick off at 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted…Some games are going with the 7pm start…
We are not going into as much detail this week, as we usually do, with all the changes that are going around, but we will keep it plain and simple, so all can get their schedules adjusted, and go ahead and get this week in…

**********Danny Pigge’s Thursday Night Pigskin Preview Games**********
Grimsley(5-0/2-0) at Western Guilford(0-5/0-2)
Hearing this game will go at 7pm…After watching the JV game on Wednesday night, I see Grimsley with a huge advantage in this game…Same could be said for many of the Whirlies games this season…Terrell Anderson, Alex Taylor, Mitchell Summers, Ryan Stephens, take your pick, any of these Whirlies could go off for at least 200 yards, and three TD’s in this game..

Page(3-2/2-0) at Northwest Guilford(3-2/1-1)
This will be our Murphy Wainer Game of the Week, from R.L. Billings Stadium, at Northwest Guilford HS…NWG known for their offense, and Page known for their defense…NWG with Tanner Ballou taking every snap at QB for NWG this season…Page has used four different QB’s back there this year, and Page had three different signal callers in their game with Ragsdale last week…NWG with the three very talented receivers, in Cloud, Carter, and Brown, and NWG has a very solid RB in Mike Godette…Page has a cover man, Tim Patterson, who shut down Ragsdale’s top receiver last week, in Deshawn Cuyler…Patterson’s coverage was outstanding, and Page got strong defensive play from Jerron Blackwell too…Also Alex Jones up front, along with Saequan Rush…Page is a very steady defensive unit, and NWG comes at you with that high-octane offense, but Grimsley had NWG scoped out, and took away the Vikings long passing game last week…A whole bunch of underneath stuff, and that was about it…The team that finds its rhythm early in this contest should become the victor…Game on GreensboroSports Radio, with a pregame(Sprinkle Oil Pregame Show) around 6:45pm, and the Shift_ed Kickoff comes at 7:30pm…
(Page with a very solid kicker in Tylar Elliott.)

Southeast Guilford(3-2/0-2) at Ragsdale(1-4/1-1)
Looks going in that the offensive edge would go to Ragsdale, and the defensive edge to Southeast Guilford…Ragsdale at home will need to be able to control the football, and with that being said, SEG needs a win here, in such a bad way…To begin (0-3) in the conference would just about have you looking to 2023, and you don’t want to be going there yet…Here’s hoping that SEG can put their kicking weapon Aidan Bonde to good use in this game, and Ragsdale has a strong, but little kicker too, in Wrenn Gardner…SEG sure could use the return of Cameron Williams in this game..Pretty sure Williams was out again last week, vs. Northern Guilford…

Southwest Guilford(3-2/1-1) at Northern Guilford(3-2/1-1)
Speaking of Northern Guilford, last week at SEG, NG QB Jack Mercer only passed for around 58 yards, but he ran for around 70, so he was still controlling the overall flow of the game…Mercer gets things set up by going to NG RB Jaeden McInnis…Tyler Mosca has been Mercer’s top receiving target, but TE Vance Bolyard has had to miss a few games with injury…Mercer might still be feeling some of the effects of the injury he sustained back in the Ragsdale game…SWG will need a very big game out of QB/ATH Corbin Wilson…SWG will also need to get their big offensive and defensive linemen going in this game…If SWG wants to win, they will have control the line of scrimmage…

Dudley(3-2/2-0) at Smith(1-4/1-1)
Now heavily entrenched in Mid-State 3-A action, Dudley is ready to roll in these conference clashes…Big rival game here, but Dudley will have to be focused on the task at hand, and that task is to keep on winning all conference games, and to win them big, and to leave no doubt…Dudley has plenty to keep Smith busy, with backs Jailen Hicks and LJ Southern making most of the dents in recent games, and Nasir Newkirk finding all kinds of holes in the opposing teams’ defenses, from his WR spot…Kordell Bartley is still going/playing at a very loud beat, on both sides of the football for the Panthers…Logan Wright continues to run the defensive front line, and he is one of the top defensive lineman in the state…Smith needs their QB Emmanuel Gilliam to get the ball to CJ/Carlos Neely…Neely can do great things when he gets his hands on the football…Dudley had the stronger kicker, in Abdul Bayor..

High Point Central(0-5/0-2) at Northeast Guilford(3-2/0-2)
This would be win #4 for the year for the NEG Rams, and their first conference win of the season…If memory serves me correctly, HP Central won this game last year, but NEG plans to take it from the Bison this time around…

Rockingham County(2-3/1-1) at Eastern Guilford(2-3/2-0)
EG got Jaiden Evans back two weeks ago, but last week it didn’t matter to the Wildcats, because their main man last week, at High Point Central was Steven Murray, and he was doing for the ‘Cats, on offense and defense…Murray, along with Tavion Bullock, made football life easier for EG’s QB Tyreik Boyd and LB Braxton Veiga…EG is getting help from all over the place, as the conference race really starts to take shape..’Cats vs. ‘Cats, and what do you think about that???

Southern Guilford(3-2/2-0) at WS Atkins(1-3/0-2)
Every week, we mention a main three, and that turns out to be QB Jamias Ferere, RB/LB Rydell Herbin, and WR/DB/P Conner Fields…If these three kids can keep up what they have been doing, over the last three weeks, then the SG Storm will be OK…The Storm needs these three to be at peak level, or beyond…

High Point Andrews(3-3/0-2) at North Forsyth(2-3/0-2)
This might be for the second or third spot in the conference…The HP Andrews’ QB, Timothy Ratley Jr., has to continue to be the main source of energy for the Red Raiders…Still believe this kid could take them into at least two rounds of the playoffs, if he can find his rightful plan of attack, out there on that football field…He will need some help, but the help will only make him stronger in the end…

Ravenscroft(6-0) at High Point Christian Academy(3-2) 7pm
Not looking real good for HPCA facing off with the Ravenscroft Ravens…This might become a very long night for the HPCA Cougars, and it will require an upset victory from them, to turn the tide around in this matchup….

Bishop McGuinness(1-5/0-2) OFF

Picks for this Week:
Northwest Guilford
Southeast Guilford
Northern Guilford
Northeast Guilford
Eastern Guilford
Southern Guilford
High Point Andrews

This Week’s Top Ten:
4)Northwest Guilford(3-2)
5)Northern Guilford(3-2)
6)Southeast Guilford(3-2)
7)Southwest Guilford(3-2)
8)Southern Guilford(3-2)
9)Eastern Guilford(2-3)
10)Northeast Guilford(3-2)
++++++++++Lots of (3-2) teams in here this week, and a big drop off after the Grimsley Whirlies…++++++++++