JV Football Tonight Finals with our Scoreboard for our Guilford County Teams(10/6/2022):Winners=’s Dudley, Grimsley, EG, Page, NWG, SEG, Smith, West Stokes

**********JV Football Tonight Finals**********
(More on the way.)
Dudley 26, Northeast Guilford 8
Grimsley 40, Ragsdale 14
Eastern Guilford 44, Eastern Alamance 8
Page 36, Western Guilford 8
Northwest Guilford 12, Northern Guilford 0
Southeast Guilford 46, Southwest Guilford 14
Smith 40, Southern Guilford 32
West Stokes 14, High Point Andrews 6

JV Football Standings in Guilford County
HP Andrews(2-3)

A few notes from the Dudley-NEG JV Football Game….
End of First Quarter:Dudley 14, NEG 0
Dudley scored on two TD passes and one two-point conversion run…Dudley with a 20-yard run for TD, with 6:30 to play in the Second Quarter…Two-point run fails…Dudley 20, NEG 0
Halftime:Dudley 20, Northeast Guilford 0
Dudley with a lot of passing in their offensive arsenal in the First Half of play….
(Nowadays, I think Dudley passes the ball, more than they run the ball, and lot of teams are going that same route.)

In the second half, Dudley connects on a 53-yard pass play, and moves the ball down to the NEG Rams’ one-yard line, but after a 15-yard offensive pass interference call on Dudley, the Panthers are denied the end zone…Dudley comes with a Fake Punt play, but the NEG Rams take over on first down…
End of Third Quarter:Dudley 20, NEG 0

NEG drives the ball down to the Dudley nine-yard line, where it is Northeast first-and-goal from the nine…NEG with fourth-and-goal from the Dudley 6-yard line, and then after a Dudley defensive pass interference call on Dudley, it is half-the-distance-to-the-goal for NEG and they have the ball, same down, but now it is fourth-and-goal from the three-yard line…The Dudley defense gets the stop on 4th down, and holds off the NEG Rams, and keeps them from scoring…

NEG records a safety, when the Dudley back is tackled in the end zone…New score from Tarpley Stadium, 6:10 to go in the fourth quarter, Dudley 20, NEG 2…Dudley gets possession after the ensuing kickoff, but the Panthers end up sending the ball back over to NEG, and the Rams respond with a 60-yard TD pass to #5, and we did not have any names on this night, just jersey numbers…NEG gets the TD, but the two-point pass play fails, and with 5:20 to go in the game, new score for you is:Dudley 20, Northeast Guilford 8

Dudley has an answer, as the Panthers get a 34-yard TD run with just 4:32 left in the contest, as the Panthers’ #2 finds paydirt on a 34-yard touchdown run, and with the two-point pass falling incomplete, our score is now:
Dudley 26, Northeast Guilford 8

Dudley gets a late pick/interception, and as the time begins to expire, the clock finally hits 0.00/Triple Zeros, and with the finish in the books, our Final Score is:Dudley 26, Northeast Guilford 8…..