KickBack Jack’s(New Garden Rd.) Middle School Football Finals for 10/12/2022:Kiser over Kernodle/Mendenhall, EG, CPLA, NWG, AJP, SEG, NG JVs Winners/Page’ Allie Kinlaw X-Country/Send Us Your Scores

Courtesy of KickBack Jack’s on Highwood Blvd., just off of New Garden Road, here in Greensboro…Great Food and Great Fun, at KickBack Jack’s….
Northern Guilford JVs 27, Page 20

Finals from Wednesday in the Middle, with Middle School Football in Guilford County…..
Kiser 28,, Kernodle Middle 0
Kiser(2-0)/Kernodle(2-1)….See more on this game Below…
Mendenhall Middle 22, Western Guilford 6
Eastern Guilford 36, Northeast Guilford Middle 12
The Point College Prep and Leadership Academy 44, The Academy at Lincoln 0
Northwest Guilford 30, Southwest Guilford 24
Allen Jay Prep 28, Penn Griffin 16
Southeast Guilford 50, Northern Guilford 6
Welborn Middle 40, Ferndale 0

**********We are missing the score from just one game, and here it is…Get this score to us and we can make the 100% mark for this week….**********
Missing the score from this game:Allen Middle(0-1-1) vs. Hairston Middle at Allen 5pm

Jackson Middle(0-2-1) vs. Swann Middle at Page HS/Marion Kirby Stadium 5pm…This game Postponed…Page vs. Northern Guilford JVs at 7pm at Kirby Stadium…
Southern Guilford(2-1)-OPEN/BYE Week
Jamestown Middle(3-0)-OPEN/BYE Week

CLICK BELOW for our Interview with Coach Whitehart from Kiser, after the game…He mentions many of the fine young Kiser Tigers football players….

Check out the video action from the game, when you CLICK ON BELOW, for the video…

More on the way, and send us your scores….

Kiser-Kernodle Middle School Football Game Today:
End of First Quarter:
Kiser 6, Kernodle 0
Kiser with some nice runs by Zion Malloy, Ahmir Mack, and Malloy with a pass to Isley…Huge defensive hit by Kiser’s Weston Hooker…
End of First Half:Kiser 6, Kernodle 0

4:18 Third Quarter:13-yard TD run by Kiser’s Ahmir Mack…Two-point pass fails, Kiser 12, Kernodle 0
1:18 Third Quarter:18-yard TD pass by Zion Malloy to Alex Cooper, excellent TD grab by Cooper…Two-point run is good…Kiser 20, Kernodle 0
End of Third Quarter:Kiser 20, Kernodle 0

3:46 Fourth Quarter:Kiser with a 38-yard TD run from Ahmir Mack and the two-point conversion pass is good by Zion Malloy to Marquis Isley…Kiser 28, Kernodle 0

Big Interception in the end zone by Kiser’s Tyler Roberts in the last minute of the game, to preserve the Kiser Tigers’ shutout…

Final Score:Kiser 28, Kernodle 0

Eastern Guilford over Northeast Guilford from Twitter:

Check out this highlight from CLPA at Lincoln

How the Guilford County Middle Schools teams stack up, at the end of today’s Guilford County Middle School Football Games:
The Point College Prep/TPCP(4-0)
Allen Jay Prep(1-2-1)

Northern Guilford JVs at Page:
We got there at Halftime, after leaving the middle school game over at Grimsley HS…JV game got going at 7:30pm, and they played 10 minute quarters…
Halftime:Northern Guilford 21, Page 14

Third Quarter Jaxon Kemp is quarterbacking the NG Nighthawks…RB Noah Smith running hard for the Nighthawks…
8:13 Third Quarter:NG’s Noah Smith with a 6-yard TD run for the Nighthawks…The PAT kick is blocked by the Page Pirates, and the score is now:NG 27, Page 14

1:17 Fourth Quarter:Jason Hester of Page on a 10-yard Quarterback Keeper for the Pirates touchdown…The PAT kick is blocked by the NG interior, and the new score, and this game is now tighter that a tick/tighter than Snick’s hatband, and that score is:NG 27, Page 20
Page comes back with the On-side kick with just over one minute left in the contest, and Garcia-Santiago, the Pirates’ kicker recovers the On-side kick, and Page has a great chance to advance the football starting in Northern Guilford territory, at around the NG 47-yard line…

The NG Nighthawks’ DB Alston picks off the Page Pirates’ pass along the left boundary, and with his pick and the long run-back by Alston, all the way to the Page 1-yard line, a 62-yard return by Alston, NG has the football at the Page one, and the Nighthawks let the clock run down, and then out…

Game Over, and Page was on the comeback trail, but the NG defense stepped up and turned the Pirates away….A brave and bold comeback by Page, but Northern held off the Pirates by taking away the Page pass…
Final Score:Northern Guilford 27, Page 20
(Good to see the Sandoval family at the game tonight, representing Daniel/Dano Sandoval Jr., #33 for the JV Page Pirates…Daniel Sandoval Sr., his wife and their other sons all out there, cheering Dano on…Good family support from all of the Sandovals, when they can be there, they will be there for Dano…Grandpa Sammy Sandoval, Grandmother Barbra Sandoval, aunt Wendy Sandoval, and all of the Sandovals…Lots of families and parents, out their repping their kids, on both sides of the Marion Kirby Stadium tonight, but always good to see some of the Sandovals, “In The House”, that Coach Kirby built)…

++++++++++A plus for Page on Wednesday came from sophomore cross country runner Allie Kinlaw…Kinlaw finished first in the Guilford County Cross Country Invitational Meet…Kinlaw led the Page girls to a second place finish in the meet, at Hagan Stone Park, and the Page boys finished third, on the 5K/3.1 mile cross country course…As a sophomore, Kinlaw is already one of the top female high school cross country runners in the state….++++++++++

Here is the way the food is looking over at KickBack Jack’s, just off of New Garden Road, and on Highwoods Blvd., here in Greensboro….

The Lunch and the sports on the Big Screen TVs at KickBack Jack’s….

When Lunch is Over, this is how we left it…

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