Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Preview/High School Football Tonight with our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week

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Northern Guilford(4-5/2-4) at Grimsley(9-0/6-0)
This was a wild one last year out at the Johnny Roscoe Stadium, but this year the venue changes over to the Bob Jamieson Stadium, and missing from last year’s NG team are injured QB Jack Mercer, and injured TE Vance Bolyard…Northern could really use those very important seniors, but the injuries took them out early, here in their senior years…Grimsley is loaded, with QB Ryan Stephens and his two choice targets/receivers in Terrell Anderson and Alex Taylor…Both Taylor and Anderson are very explosive and they love to go and get the long ball…RB Mitchell Summers is a very tough runner for the Whirlies, and Grimsley seems to have solid depth at all positions…Bryce Davis paces the Grimsley defense, and he has plenty of help from Jamaal Jarrett up front, and from Frederick Sellars along the back line…The most reliable Nighthawk this season seems to be WR/DB Tyler Mosca…He can go and get the passes from Alexander Marsh, and Jaden McInnis has become the top runner for the Nighthawks…Grimsley looking onward toward the playoffs, and NG looking to hang them up, when this game is over…

Southwest Guilford(5-4/3-3) at Northwest Guilford(7-2/5-1)…This game will be broadcast on GreensboroSports Radio 2, with Demetri Morrison at the helm/controls…NWG has the top quarterback in the county, and after last week’s game at Southeast Guilford, NWG now has the top runner in the county too…Tanner Ballou at QB, and Mike Godette at running back…Throw in Trent Cloud, Bristol Carter, and Prince Brown at wide receiver, plus tight end Hunter Greear, and you or anyone else would love to throw to those guys all night long…Last week Ballou with right at 240 yards passing and Godette with around 370 total yards….If they can get something like that going again, look for NWG to try and duplicate that 37-10 victory they grabbed over Southeast last Friday night…But Southwest Guilford and NWG are big rivals, so this game will have a heavy bearing/load on it…SWG will try and get their QB/ATH Corbin Wilson going again…Cam McCain and Lawrence Higgs the top runners for SWG, and Darius Hairston, their top receiver…SWG has some strong anchors up front on their defensive line, led by Kyler Puckett…Will be tough yards for Godette vs. the SWG Cowboys defense…If Godette can get to the second level his will face LB Hunter Kane, but if Godette gets to that second level, chances are that he will be gone….NWG will be getting ready for the playoffs, and SWG just hoping there is a place left for them in the postseason…Be sure to catch this game, on GreensboroSports Radio 2, with Demetri Morrison…

Southeast Guilford(6-3/3-3) at Page(5-4/4-2)
Both of these teams have very good defenses, with the slight edge going to Page with Alex Jones and Timothy Patterson stepping up big lately, and Paul Thompson has some good hits left in him from his linebacker spot…SEG will look to their QB Bryson Serrano to lead them, and he will be wanting to get the ball in Cam Williams hands…Williams will be the top playmaker on the field in this game…For Page, Jerron Blackwell gets them going…Last week he was going with two TD runs, and one TD pass…Blackwell will have to be careful, and keep an eye open for the SEG defenders like Jordan Dollard, Camber Alcorn, and Aaron Brown coming to get him…One thing that will get lost on some, but don’t forget to look for these two young men when you go to this game, because they are among the very best kickers in this state, and that would Aidan Bonde from SEG, and Tylar Elliott from Page, and they are better than good…They are very, very close to great…Both Page and SEG look to be hitting the playoff trail, next Friday night…

Western Guilford(0-9/0-6) Ragsdale(1-8/1-5)
Will Western Guilford get their first win of the season??? WG did not score a touchdown in their first four games of the season, and they have been good for about 1 TD a game since then…But, Ragsdale can score…The Tigers beat Northern Guilford 37-36, and NG topped WG, 9-6…If Ragsdale beat NG, and they did, and NG topped WG, and they did, that means Ragsdale should end up defeating Western Guilford by two points…You take the RHS one-point win over NG, and you figure in the three point win by NG over WG, and you should come up with a two-point RHS victory in this contest, at Kenneth Miller Stadium, in Jamestown…Devin Hackstall to Deshawn Cuyler should still be the pacesetter for the RHS Tigers, while Fabian Diggs ought to be the bellcow out of the RHS backfield of runners…It will be a short trip down Guilford College-Jamestown Road for the WG Hornets, but it could be a long ride home for the Black and Gold…Might want to stop by the old Jamestown bridge, and see if Lydia(the ghost) is hanging out there, here on Halloween Weekend…No matter the outcome of the game, last rites for both WG and RHS, and they will be taking up the equipment on Monday or Tuesday afternoon…No school on Monday for the students, so maybe the turn in day, will be Tuesday…You always hate that day…Your uniform sort of became your calling card over the last three months…..

Eastern Guilford(6-3/6-0) at Dudley(7-2/6-0)
Here we go with this Mid-State 3-A Conference Championship game being our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week on GreensboroSports Radio…Yes, this is where we will be on Friday night…If you don’t listen in to GreensboroSports Radio, you will be missing out…Missing out on Andrew Attmore II at QB for Dudley…Tyreik Boyd at QB for Eastern Guilford…Jailen Hicks and LJ Southern at RB for Dudley…Jaiden Evans and Javen Cole at RB for Eastern…Nasir Newkirk, Cordell Bartley, DJ Parker at WR for Dudley….Steven Murray, Ryan Larkin, and Marcus Bynum at WR for EG…Good matchups at those skill positions, but for Eastern, they have to get around guys like Logan Wright up front, Kafi Abass at LB, and Shawn Seagraves at DB…Dudley will no doubt run into LB’s Braxton Veiga and Solomon Howell, along with Tavion Bullock up on the DL….The difference in this game may well be the Dudley “D”, and that is exactly how Dudley would like to work…Workmanlike effort on defense, and Dudley is in business…EG must be shifty, and ball-control conscious…EG would love and desire to be a ball hog in this game, and keep their Wildcat defense off of the field…Both Dudley and Eastern Guilford will be in the NCHSAA playoffs next week…

Smith(2-7/2-4) at Northeast Guilford(5-4/2-4)
Neither of these teams appears to be playoff bound, so this will be their last night to hit, hit, hit, and after this one is over, that will be it, it, it….Time to get NEG QB Hatchell going to WR Barry Tate one more time…Have Edrin Pitts and Deandre Taylor in place for one more power play on defense for the NEG Rams…For Smith it is QB Emmanuel Gilliam to WR CJ Neely, and Rayshawn Wilson, with Jeremiah Royster at RB…The JV final was Smith 33, NEG 30, and the varsity game could well be of a similar outcome…NEG will be defending their Bill Bookout Stadium home field advantage…This could turn out to be a mind blower, and it could also be a fore-teller of times to come in the future…

High Point Central(1-8/1-5) at Southern Guilford(6-3/4-2)
HP Central, with Cory Crump at QB, and Zion McCoy at RB, plays with a lot of heart, but when they face Southern Guilford there at the C.K. Siler Stadium, this will be the last home game for SG RB Rydell Herbin and WR Conner Fields, and those two, along with their more than capable QB Jamias Ferere, should be feeling it…Ferere should be obligated to get his two top teammates really going in this game….SG should be ready to play again next week in the playoffs, but for HP Central, this game will be their going-away, and they are away, in this their finale…

Rabun Gap(6-3) at High Point Christian Academy(4-5) 6pm
Looks to be about time to be lowering the curtain on the HPCA season…This for intents and purposes looks to be their last roll call of the year…Long trip in from Georgia for Rabun Gap, and they will want to make this a successful road trip….

Christ the King(7-2) at Bishop McGuinness(1-8) 7pm
Has been a long and tough season for the Bishops of Bishop McGuinness, but it looks to ending with this finishing contest here in Kernersville this eveing…

from Thursday Night:Walkertown 42, High Point Andrews 20
Walkertown(8-2)/HP Andrews(4-6)

N.C. State 22, Virginia Tech 21
Alan Tisdale(Page HS) out there at LB for VA Tech…Terrell Timmons, WR from Northern Guilford making a catch upfield for N.C. State…K Conner Smith, from Eastern Guilford HS, Bryson Speas, OL from Dudley HS, and Devan Boykin, from Ragsdale HS, all also on the field on Thursday night for N.C. State…Had the radio on and heard them call out Tisdale’s name, and saw Timmons(2 receptions for 51 yards) making the big catch for the Wolfpack on the sports highlights….

Picks for this Week:
Northwest Guilford
Northeast Guilford
Southern Guilford
Rabun Gap
Christ the King

Top Ten Poll for this Week:
3)Northwest Guilford(7-2)
4)Eastern Guilford(6-3)
6)Southeast Guilford(6-3)
7)Southwest Guilford(5-4)
8)Southern Guilford(6-3)
9)Northeast Guilford(5-4)
10)High Point Andrews(4-6)/Northern Guilford(4-5)