Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would like to see Odell Beckham Jr. wearing a Dallas Cowboys uniform

Jerry Jones has stars in his eyes when talking about Odell Beckham Jr.
from Clark Dalton, with

Jerry Jones thinks Odell Beckham Jr. needs a new outfit, a silver and blue one with a star.

“The Cowboys star on that helmet, when he puts it on, he could look pretty good,” said Jones Tuesday on KRLD-FM.

Perhaps Jones can give Beckham Jr. a new pair of cowboy boots and a hat if he comes to Texas. He confirmed that Dallas is interested in adding the three-time Pro Bowler to its roster.

“Odell is someone that we have all the appreciation for in the world,” he said.

Beckham Jr. would be a great addition because he complements fellow wideout CeeDee Lamb and quarterback Dak Prescott. Both have tried to carry Dallas’ passing offense, but it still has trouble making big plays. Over the past two games, the offense has averaged 216.5 yards per game, below the league average.

Throwing a Super Bowl champion into the recipe expands the playbook. It gives Prescott another option he can trust and creates options for Lamb since defenses have to account for another elite wideout. This can bolster the offense and the Cowboys’ title hopes.

Beckham Jr. is interested in Dallas, he listed them as a possible destination in an interview on Complex’s sports podcast. However, it’s not a guaranteed deal. The Cowboys face competition from multiple suitors like the Packers, Giants, and Bills.

According to Fox NFL insider Jay Glazer, contenders, like the Bills, are willing to start a bidding war. The Cowboys have a little over $8 million in cap space, but it’s not clear if that will be enough to sign him, because he’s seeking a long-term deal.

“I want to be able to spill… into something where I can buy a home,” Beckham Jr. told Complex.

Even though the price might be a little high for the 30-year-old wide receiver, Jones has shown a willingness to take financial risks, so he could try to make a home in Dallas.