The Pittsburgh Steelers are turning their team into the “Pittsburgh Pigeons”

A new superstition is sweeping the Steel City
from Aaron Becker, with

The pigeons of Pittsburgh have the hopes of Steelers fans flying high. Are they the Steel City’s new good luck charms?

The “Pittsburgh pigeons” have flocked to Acrisure Stadium twice now in games that have resulted in Steelers wins (Buccaneers and Saints). Steelers fans are paying attention.

The National Aviary in Pittsburgh said the birds are trying to fill up on grass seed before winter, according to 93.7 The Fan’s Andrew Fillipponi.

Fillipponi questions why are the groundskeepers are still putting down seed in November. The answer may be simple, but maybe the groundskeepers have joined in on the superstition as well.

Whatever you choose to believe, will the Steelers’ new good luck charms show up again for their Week 11 matchup against the Bengals, a 4:25 kickoff?

It’s looking unlikely. The pigeons have flocked to the stadium for 1 p.m. games.

“The later kickoff means the pigeons will have already eaten enough during the day and will be settling in for the night,” per Fillipponi.

The Steelers are 0-2 without the “Pittsburgh pigeons” in attendance. Will they beat Cincinnati or will the superstition grow even more?

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