Sunisa Lee Leads All NCAA Underclassmen With $1.5M NIL Valuation

Sunisa Lee Leads All NCAA Underclassmen With $1.5M NIL Valuation
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The Sports Daily has collated data of the top prodigies with the highest value from NIL contracts across all female college athletes.

Auburn sophomore gymnast Sunisa Lee leads all female underclassmen with an NIL valuation of $1.5 million. After winning a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics, Lee sits at No. 2 in the women’s NIL Top-100 and No. 10 overall.

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LSU freshman Flau’jae Johnson is the most valuable first-year athlete on the women’s NIL Top-100 list.

The No. 26 overall recruit in the country according to ESPN, Johnson has parlayed her talent on the hardwood with a budding music career. With over 1M combined followers on social media, Johnson’s NIL valuation ($587,000) is more than twice that of the next-highest freshman, Oregon State’s Jade Carey ($258,000).

While freshmen accounted for just 10.57% of the total NIL valuation among the top-100 athletes, there is some hope for future growth. In fact, freshmen can expect their NIL valuations to grow by 150% by their senior year. Sophomores already have an edge on juniors in average valuation and per post value.

When it comes to women’s Top-100, second-year athletes earn an average valuation that is 16 percent higher than juniors, including 18 percent more per post.

More often than not, it takes athletes some time to adjust to the college level.

Yet, a few freshmen are ahead of the game and have garnered huge NIL valuations in their first season at the NCAA level.

Check out the top NIL valuations for NCAA freshmen in women’s college sports.

Flau’jae Johnson, LSU — $587,000
Jade Carey, Oregon State — $258,000
Sage Thompson, Utah — $82,000
Jordy Bahl, Oklahoma — $61,000
Kiki Rice, LSU — $43,000

Top-5 Sophomore NIL Valuations
Led by Olympic gold medalist Sunisa Lee, these sophomores are set to take the NCAA by storm in 2022 and become among the highest earning college athletes in America.

Check out the highest NIL valuations among female NCAA athletes in their sophomore year.

Sunisa Lee, Auburn — $1,500,000
Jordan Chiles, UCLA — $368,000
Mia Mastrov, California — $337,000
Grace McCallum, Utah — $208,000
Leanne Wong, Florida — $50,000