High School Basketball Tonight(12/2/2022) in and around Guilford County

from Thursday night:
Grimsley boys 50, WS Reynolds 44
Caldwell Academy boys 88, Salem Baptist 32

Friday night/Tonight:
Westchester Country Day(1-3) at O’Neal(2-4) 6:30pm
High Point Christian Academy(1-3) at Asheville Christian Academy(1-4)
Northern Guilford(1-1) at Glenn(2-1) 7:30pm
Piedmont Classical(9-1) at Porter-Gaud(4-2) 7:30pm
Dudley(3-0) at Carmel Christian(8-1) 7:30pm
Smith(2-0) at Bethany Community School(2-3) 7:30pm
WS Reagan(0-2) at Page(1-2) 7:30pm
Greensboro Day School(8-1) at Cannon School(6-2) 7:30pm
College Prep and Leadership Academy(1-3) at Morehead(3-0) 7:30pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy(1-5) at Rabun Gap(7-1) 7:30pm
Gospel Light(2-1) at Vandalia Christian(1-5) 7:45pm
High Point Andrews(1-1) at High Point Central(0-3) 8pm
Eastern Randolph(0-0) at Southwest Guilford(2-0) 8pm
Cherokee(1-1) at Bishop McGuinness(1-0) 8pm
Ragsdale(2-1) at Eastern Guilford(0-3) 8pm
Southeast Guilford(3-0) at Northeast Guilford(2-1) 8pm
McMichael(2-1) at Rockingham County(0-2) 8pm
Jordan Matthews(0-2) at Western Guilford(2-0) 8:30pm
Burlington Cummings(1-0) at Forsyth Country Day(8-0) 9pm

High Point Christian(1-3) at Asheville Christian(2-1) 5:30pm
Greensboro Day School(6-3) at Cannon School(5-1) 6pm
Wesleyan Christian(3-3) at Rabun Gap(7-1) 6pm
Gospel Light(0-2) at Vandalia Christian(0-4) 6pm
Northern Guilford(2-0) at Glenn(2-2) 6pm
College Prep and Leadership Academy(0-1) at Morehead(0-1) 6pm
WS Reagan(2-2) at Page(1-2) 6pm
Southeast Guilford(3-0) at Northeast Guilford(0-2) 6:30pm
Dudley(3-0) at EE Smith(2-1) 6:30pm
Piedmont Classical(4-0) at Porter-Gaud(2-2) 6:30pm
Ragdale(0-2) at Eastern Guilford(1-2) 6:30pm
Cherokee(2-0) at Bishop McGuinness(1-0) 6:30pm
High Point Andrews(1-1) at High Point Central(0-3) 6:30pm
McMichael(1-2) at Rockingham County(2-0) 6:30pm
Jordan Matthews(0-2) at Western Guilford(0-1) 7pm