High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Closing the Book on the 2022 HS Football Season, with a Twist

Updated with some very good video coming in from WFMY News 2 Sports, and from FOX 8 WGHP Sports…..

Time to put a bow and the wraps on this one this morning, with another edition of our Saturday Morning Rewind….I am starting to feel sort of like a doctor or a fireman, as it seems we are on call, and bringing you the news/info 24 hours a day…Well it all winds down here today, with the Saturday Morning Rewind from last night’s Grimsley-New Bern State Championship Game, starting to roll and we have pushed that George Michael’s Sports Machine rewind button, and this baby is really starting to roll….

CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera at the News and Record and HSXtra.com for his word on Grimsley-New Bern, and he talks about the Whirlies and their Final Ride…Sort of makes you think back to The Undertaker, and his ‘Last Ride’….NICE work from Joe Sirera and Joe has always strived to be the best, and with his body of work at the N&R covering these high school sports, he has lived up to that approach….

CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera’s Quick Take the Grimsley-New Bern, and you find Woody Marshall photos on both of the Joe Sirera posts, at the N&R/HSXtra.com….I think Joe and Woody would both agree with me, Kenan Stadium is great place to cover a high school football game….Excellent lighting and a first class football field…The lining of the turf surface is near-perfect, and boy, you could really see those Grimsley Whirlies’ uniform numbers on those White Whirlie Jerseys last night…

Sort of in a state of Shock for my next CLICK HERE, but it isn’t there…Nothing up yet, yes nothing posted yet, at the New Sun Journal newspaper online…Was expecting a full load/Full Monty from them them this morning, but I guess it is coming soon….Stay tuned, and check back with us…Thousands of times, if you have a large family…
(Also no news on this game at their sister paper, the Wilmington Star News.)

We move on, and await the word from the New Bern newspaper….

CLICK HERE for Brennan Doherty, with the High School OT at WRALSportsFan.com, and read about the Night of the New Bern Bears…And this is a good tribute to overall effort turned in by the Bears…They are probably calling them, “The Good News Bears”, down there in New Bern this morning….

CLICK HERE for James Alverson, with the NCHSAA, at NCHSAA.org and you will get his recap on the New Bern Bears over the Grimsley Whirlies from last night in Chapel Hill, N.C.

CLICK HERE for the broadcast of last night’s game coming at you from the team at GreensboroSports Radio…Another stellar/outstanding effort turned by Don Tilley and Don Moore, and thank as always, for listening to GreensboroSports Radio…I still remember back when Bret Hart used to listen in to us up there across the border in Canada, and he said we were, “The Best There Was, The Best There Is, and The Best There Ever Will Be”…..And I would like to think there is at least a little bit of truth to that comment, from Mr. Hart….

CLICK HERE for the game report on Grimsley vs. New Bern, with the story/post on the Grimsley Whirlies vs. the New Bern Bears, from GreensboroSports.com….

More on the way, on The Rewind, if we can find it…Cross your fingers, Cross your eyes, and look both ways, as you Cross the Street…

Here is a look at the Brian Simmons Predictions from NCPreps.com…www.ncpreps.com
Grimsley (15-0) vs. New Bern (15-0) – N by 1

East Lincoln (15-0) vs. Northern Nash (15-0) – N by 3

Reidsville (14-1) vs. East Duplin (14-1) – R by 8

Mount Airy (14-1) vs. Tarboro (13-1) – M by 10

CLICK HERE for WFMY News Sports and their coverage on Grimsley-New Bern…Got to say, I watched it, and this is some excellent video from WFMY TV 2, and I would think, Brian Hall on camera….Good job here…Fun to look back at the highlights from a game you saw, just one day ago…Makes you think you are back in The Game…

CLICK HERE for the WGHP FOX 8 Sports Report on Grimsley vs. New Bern, with Danny Harnden reporting…Good work turned in here too…

Nothing new on the docket at WXII TV 12…..

If you see other sports news we can use let us know..Hit the comment box, at you can reach us at andy@greensborosports.com….