Middle School Basketball Today(12/12/2022) in Guilford County:Monday in the Middle:Wrestling Results from Mendenhall Middle School/NWG boys basketball now at (3-0)/WG boys and Swann girls Winners/Seth Harris with 24 pts. for WG

Middle School Basketball Finals:
Northwest Guilford Middle School boys – 43
Allen Middle – 28


Swann Middle School girls 27, Western Guilford Middle 17
Western @ Swann (girls)
Swann wins in a thriller.

Western Guilford Middle School boys 54, Swann Middle 40
Western @Swann (boys)
Seth Harris leading scorer with 24pts.

The Northern Guilford Middle School-Mendenhall Middle School basketball games ended up being scheduled for Northern Guilford instead, and those games ended up being cancelled due to water issues/problems at Northern Guilford Middle….I ended up over at Mendenhall Middle just off of Marston Road, and it was “Wrestling Night” at the Mendenhall Mustangs Corral….

Northern Guilford knocked off Mendenhall, 66-42, and the Middle School Nighthawks got the best of the Mustangs, on this ‘Monday in the Middle Matchup’…These young wrestlers/wrasslers were locked up right there on the mat at Mendenhall, and I did not see any future Chris Jerichos or Roman Reigns, but I did see some pretty good hammerlocks, side body rides, takedowns, and many good pinning combinations…

Hard-fought match, but the Nighthawks got the best of the Mustangs in this one….Final again, 66-42 NG Middle School…Jim Crockett Jr. would have been proud of the effort turned in by these young men today, and I’m really not sure if Vince McMahon Jr. would have had a full appreciation for this type of wrestling, or not…

The kids got it done, and the future looks good for these aspiring young grapplers…No masks being worn, and there were no foreign objects, and for sure no kids entering the mat/ring, from “Parts Unknown”…Just good old amateur wrestling for a Monday afternoon…Keep it coming kids and before you know it, some of you may be moving up to the Ring of Honor…..

Middle School Basketball Today
Jackson Middle at Allen Jay Prep Girls at 4:45/Boys at 6pm
Ferndale Middle at Hairston Middle Girls at 4:45/Boys at 6pm
Mendenhall Middle at Northern Guilford Middle Boys at 4:45pm/Girls at 6pm…These Games were cancelled due to water problems/issues at Northern Guilford Middle…..
Northwest Middle at Allen Middle Girls at 4:45/Boys at 6pm
Kiser Middle at Southwest Guilford Middle Boys at 4:45/Girls at 6pm
Western Guilford Middle at Swann Middle Girls at 4:45/Boys at 6pm
Eastern Guilford Middle at The Academy at Lincoln Girls at 4:45/Boys at 6pm
Southern Guilford Middle at Jamestown Middle Boys at 4:45/Girls at 6pm

Other schools we could not find info for, and they have nothing posted on their Main School Websites under athletics, or in some cases, their schedules are outdated….