HAECO Invitational Basketball Tournament begins today at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center:Games on GreensboroSports Radio

**********HAECO Invitational Basketball Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center**********
2022 Women’s Seeds
1)Bishop McGuinness
2)Smith High School
3)Greensboro Day School
4)Dudley High School
5)Southeast Guilford High School
6)Page High School
7)Ragsdale High School
8)Grimsley High School

Games for Day 1 December 20:
No. 1 Bishop McGuinness vs. No. 8 Grimsley
3 p.m./Court 1
This game can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio….

No. 4 Dudley vs. No. 5 Southeast
4:30 p.m./Court 1
This game can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio….

No. 2 Smith vs. No. 7 Ragsdale
5:30 p.m./Court 2

No. 3 GSO Day vs. No. 6 Page
7 p.m./Court 2

2022 Men’s Seeds
1)Greensboro Day School
2)Smith High School
3)Grimsley High School
4)Dudley High School
5)Southeast Guilford High School
6)Ragsdale High School
7)Page High School
8)Bishop McGuinness

No. 1 GSO Day vs. No. 8 Bishop McGuinness
6 p.m./Court 1
This game can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio….

No. 4 Dudley vs. No. 5 Southeast Guilford
7:30/Court 1
This game can be heard on GreensboroSports Radio….

No. 2 Smith vs. No. 7 Page
2:30/Court 2

No. 3 Grimsley vs. No. 6 Ragsdale
4 p.m./Court 2

We picked up this List from Kevin Dawkins on Twitter:
Few names on men’s side of Haeco to watch out for:
Jaydon Young
CJ Jones
Tre McNeil
Denzel Foster
Jaylon Bumpess
Faizon Brandon
CJ Neely
Gage Lattimore
Markquan Gilbert
Trace Moffitt
Kenny Miller
Jerry Sims
Kobe Parker
KJ Burke
Gavyn Williams
Jerron Blackwell
Kadyn Turner-Scott

Few names on the women’s side of Haeco to keep an eye on:
Makayla Carney
Janiah Terry
Alyssa Graves
Avery Knapp
Morgan Smith
Azahreya Drayton-Gill
Shamarra Rogers
Zoe Davis
Mya Patrick
Candice Williams
Adelaide Jernigan

from our Basketball Talk Time Last Saturday Morning at GreensboroSports.com:
Andy Durham says:
December 17, 2022 at 2:58 pm
Metro 4-A Boys looking strong and next week’s HAECO should tell us more about how strong they really are…

Southeast Guilford at the top right now, with Grimsley strong, Page is making some major noise this week, Southwest Guilford will play you tough, Ragsdale will still be good, Northern is having an off year, as is Northwest Guilford and good old Western Guilford is still bringing up the bottom of the pack….

How Southeast Guilford at (9-0) fares in the HAECO will tell us a lot about what will happen at the top of the Metro this season…

Girls-wise, Northern Guilford is in a ‘league of their own’…NG way up at the top, then NWG is picking up some new steam now, and then the rest of the pack is interesting….NG is a super-solid #1, NWG looks to be a solid #2 this week, then comes SWG, Page, Western Guilford, SEG, Ragsdale and Grimsley….

Going to take a lightning bolt to knock off Northern Guilford, NWG is improving, teams like SWG and Page are trying to find their true consistency, Western is much better but still trying to find their way into the upper crust of the conference, SEG is very young and inexperienced, then Ragsdale is like last year’s Jamestown Middle School team trying to grow up around Mya Patrick and Nicole Tarver, and Grimsley has their big three in seniors Jordan Britt, and Avery Knapp and freshman Alicia Graves, but the Whirles need help from other players too…Grimsley has shown they have some spunk after beating SEG at SEG, back on Tuesday….

The NG girls are very deep and their best new player might just be the big, Skylar Fowler…

The Southeast Guilford boys knocked off the Grimsley Whirlies the other evening at SEG, but Grimsley was without Zacch Wiggins…Grimsley will need for all of the returning football players get their legs under them again…Guys like Alex Taylor and Bryce Davis…The best Grimsley player right now might just be Jaylen Bumpass…

SEG has a boatload of players that we all still need to get to know, and Page is lot like that too…Page has Jerron Blackwell, that we know well, but after that, it is like “who are all of these new Pirates”…You have to like the work that Candice Williams is turning for the Page girls…

Ragsdale Tigers have Kobe Parker and he might be able to almost beat you by himself on one of his red-hot nights, and then there is KJ Burke, Gavyn Williams and the football guys…Got to like Dakota Green from Rasdale, that is just a great sports name…You can do something with that one…

Back on those NG girls, Jasmine Harris will still be in major competition for the Metro 4-A Conference Player of the Year honors, and with Jadyn Newsome, Cristina Delisa, Lizzie Gram, Skylar Fowler and others, they are a tough group…Harris and Candice Williams might end up battling it out for the POY in the Metro…

Right now the SEG boys and the NG girls are at the top of the heap, but it will be a very fun year to watch the Metro 4-A…

One-third of the season is pretty much gone, as we head into the Christmas Break, with The HAECO right around the corner…

We get to see how the Smith girls, from the Mid-State 3-A shape up next week…Saw them back in the Big Four matchup back early in the season, but next week will be like the REAL deal, The HAECO….Zoe Davis is as tough inside as anybody around in girls basketball, Morgan Smith can run, Azaria Scott can scoot, and I saw the young Rogers kid off of the bench playing well for Smith back in November…Smith beat Page, 74-48, back in the Big Four….Others in that Smith lineup include Drayton-Gill, Gabby Burch, and London Haith…. Smith is very deep, so they could be primed to make a big run at The HAECO….Smith vs. Bishop McGuinness would make for an interesting final…

The Dudley boys are really now making some noise, coming off last night’s 70-64 win over at Ben L. Smith…Dudley now at (8-1) overall and I do believe that the Panthers have Southeast Guilford(9-0) in Round One of The HAECO…(8-1) vs. 9-0), that is a pretty tough Round One matchup….And we have Page(6-3) vs. Smith(7-1) for the boys in Round One, and that is another major matchup…Smith topped Page by one point, back in The HAECO, and I think the score was something like, 37-36…..Both teams are obviously much better now…

If you like high school basketball, it is beginning to heat up, and the Greensboro Day School boys(11-2) are #1 for the boys entering The HAECO, while the Bishop McGuinness girls(5-0) are coming in tops for the young ladies…Will they get unseeded, and will somebody take down the Bengals and the Villains??? Next Thursday night, we should have a definitive answer for you…

5 thoughts on “HAECO Invitational Basketball Tournament begins today at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center:Games on GreensboroSports Radio

  1. How is Dudley Boys seed #4 when they have beaten both Grimsley and Smith? Their only loss was to #3 NC Overall Camel Christian?

  2. Seedings were put together back around the first week of the Regular Season, and included input on what the different teams had coming back this year….Done early, back when most teams had only played one or two games…

  3. Got to do them early to get everything ready to play, such as print media, TV Media, and other details…

  4. Seeding is awful?. How teams are higher seeded I’ll “never” understand. Preseason seeding is stupid.Why win when you can get a better seeding as a loser. Wow!?

  5. Greensboro Day and SEG are easily the two best teams in this tournament if you watch a lot high school ball. What would be so awful about seeding the teams the week of?

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