UNCG’s Christopher & Ward Earn Individual Titles in Weekend Track Competition

UNCG’s Christopher & Ward Earn Individual Titles in Weekend Competition

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The UNC Greensboro (UNCG) men’s and women’s track & field teams visited Virginia Beach competing at the Marlins Invitational and Blue Marlins Invitational this past Friday and Saturday, respectively.

The Spartans saw 12 personal bests during Friday’s meet and 11 on Saturday’s meet. There were 16 event debuts this weekend as well.

Freshman Reagan O’Quinn finished second in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:16.47 as a personal best. Sophomore Camille Carlson also finished with a top-10 mark in the event placing sixth, clocking a time of 2:32.19. Sophomore Bella Manfre finished ninth with a time of 2:36.05 in the 800-meter race for a personal best, while Freshman Kaitlyn Harrison also competed in the 800-mile race clocking a personal best time of 2:39.16.

Graduate student Chandler McCaslin finished third in the mile run with a career best time of 5:05.73. Junior Jenna Reiter finished fifth out of 15 competitors in the same event with a personal best time of 5:22.22. Junior Shay Soukup finished sixth clocking a time of 5:33.56.

Freshman Leah Baizar had a career best time completing in the 200-meter race clocking a time of 27.50-seconds to finish 13th. Freshman Chelsea Valdivia-Rizo also had a career best time of 29.39-seconds in the 200-meter race finishing 19th.

Sophomore Serena Henderson competed in the 400-meter finishing 12th with a career best time of 1:06.78.

On the men’s side, graduate student Dylan Christopher crossed the finished line first in the 3000-meter race with a time of 8:33.41. Freshman Luke Ward was next to cross the finish line second with a time of 8:41.00. Sophomore Ethan Long finished fourth clocking a personal best time of 8:42.55. Freshman Evan Pena clocked a time of 8:44.24 finishing fifth out of 12 competitors.

Sophomore Andrew Hamilton finished second out of 12 competitors in the 800-meter race clocking in a time of 1:57.20. Senior Jonathan Kennedy finished fifth with a time of 1:59.06.

Junior Elijah Jones finished 17th in the 200-meter race clocking in a personal best time of 24.16-seconds



22. Zin Maung – 7.67s


17. Elijah Jones – 24.16s PR


2. Andrew Hamilton – 1:57.20 1st

5. Jonathan Kennedy – 1:59.06 PR

7. Charlie Bennett – 2:00.41 1st

8. Andrew Wallace – 2:01.06 1st


6. Spencer Connick – 4:51.49


1. Dylan Christopher – 8:33.41

2. Luke Ward – 8:41.00 1st

4. Ethan Long – 8:42.55 PR

5. Evan Pena – 8:44.24 1st

7. Colin Keck – 8:45.13 1st

9. Lane Prochaska – 9:03.34

10. Zachary Taylor – 9:04.39 PR



19. Monique Clement – 8.68s PR

22. Deborah Ansah-Yeboah – 9.14s matched PR

24. Naomi Pridgen – 9.36s


13. Leah Baizar – 27.50s PR

19. Chelsea Valdivia-Rizo – 29.39s PR

21. Kaliyah Hargrove – 30.90s 1st


12. Serena Henderson – 1:06.78 PR


2. Reagan O’Quinn – 2:16.47 1st

6. Camille Carlson – 2:32.19

9. Bella Manfre – 2:36.05 PR

10. Kaitlyn Harrison – 2:39.16 1st


3. Chandler McCaslin – 5:05.73 PR

5. Jenna Reiter – 5:22.22 PR

6. Shay Soukup – 5:33.56


McCaslin ran a career best time in the 800-meter run finishing third with a time of 2:16.88. Reiter also competed in the event and finished 10th clocking a personal best time of 2:25.48. Henderson also ran a personal best time of 2:28.73 to finish 14th out of 27 competitors. Shay Soukup following Henderson, taking 15th with a time of 2:28.96.

Carlson competed in the mile clocking a time of 5:29.04 to finish seventh out of 25 competitors.

On the men’s side, Christopher crossed the finish line first in the 800-meter run with a career best time of 1:56.03. Keck finished fourth out of 20 competitors, clocking in a time of 1:58.97.

Ward finished first in the mile race with a career best time of 4:22.61. Next to cross the finish line in the mile race for the Spartans was freshman Lane Prochaska. He finished second with a time of 4:26.03. Long also had a career best time of 4:26.89 to finish third in the mile race, while freshman Zachary Taylor finished sixth out of 14 competitors with a time of 4:33.85.

Jones competed in the 200-meter run, clocking in a time of 23.77-seconds as a career best to finish 22nd out of 27 competitors.


22. Elijah Jones – 23.77s PR

24. Zin Maung – 24.53s


1. Dylan Christopher – 1:56.03 PR

4. Colin Keck – 1:58.97 1st

9. Evan Pena – 2:04.41 1st

12. Spencer Connick – 2:06.21 PR


1. Luke Ward – 4:22.61 PR

2. Lane Prochaska – 4:26.03 1st

3. Ethan Long – 4:26.89 PR

6. Zachary Taylor – 4:33.85 1st

4x400m relay

3. Kennedy, Bennett, Hamilton, Wallace – 3:29.85



26. Leah Baizar – 8.46s

33. Chelsea Valdivia-Rizo – 9.03s 1st

34. Naomi Pridgen – 9.18s PR


27. Monique Clement – 29.02s PR

29. Deborah Ansah-Yeboah – 30.21s 1st

30. Kaliyah Hargrove – 30.46s PR


9. Reagan O’Quinn – 1:00.83 1st


3. Chandler McCaslin – 2:16.88 PR

10. Jenna Reiter – 2:25.48 PR

14. Serena Henderson – 2:28.73 PR

15. Shay Soukup – 2:28.96


7. Camille Carlson – 5:29.04

17. Kaitlyn Harrison – 5:49.43

18. Bella Manfre – 5:55.10

Up Next
The Spartans take a weekend off before competing in the two-day Camel City Invitational on Friday, February 3 and Saturday, February 4 at the JDL Fast Track.

Courtesy of Denise Archetto
Assistant Athletic Director For Strategic Communications
UNC Greensboro