High School Basketball Tonight Finals:Wiggins and Bumpass Big at “The Bob”(19 pts. each)/Bryant with 26 for SEG girls/NG Girls go to (17-0)

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Tuesday night High School Basketball Finals:
Northern Guilford girls 73, Ragsdale 11
At the Bob Sawyer Gym, at Grimsley HS:
Southeast Guilford girls 51, Grimsley 46
End of First Quarter:SEG 14, Grimsley 9…Halftime:SEG 29, Grimsley 18…End of Third Quarter:SEG 38, Grimsley 32…Final:SEG 51, Grimsley 46…
SEG Scoring:Tia Bryant 26 points, Walker 11, Stephens 5, Dix 4, Owens 3, Scott 2
Grimsley Scoring:Avery Knapp 19 points, Britt 10, Lee 9, Graves 4, Houser 2, Olson-Fine 2
Kia Bryant with 15 points for SEG by halftime…Bryant only a freshman for the SEG Falcons…

Grimsley boys 59, Southeast Guilford 44
End of First Quarter:Grimsley 14, SEG 7…Halftime:Grimsley 21, SEG 15…End of Third Quarter:Grimsley 39, SEG 29…Final:Grimsley 59, SEG 44…
Grimsley Scoring:Zacch Wiggins 19 points, Jaylon Bumpass 19 points, Taylor 7, Keith 6, Twitty 3, Elliot 2, Brandon 2
SEG Scoring:Arant 17 points, D’Nucci 11, Jawou 6, Hancock 5, Miller 3, Sims 2
**********When it mattered the most, SEG could not finish at the rim…Arant got hot from three-point range for the SEG Falcons, and he gave SEG an 9-0 run with three made 3’s in the second half, but a three-pointer by Zacch Wiggins broke the Grimsley Whirlies drought and the Whirlies were never really threatened again…Jaylon Bumpass was having a career-type night tonight for Grimsley, as Bumpass was everywhere, and he hit one stage in the game, where he couldn’t miss…Wiggins and Bumpass gave Grimsley a great lift/bump at “The Bob”/The Bob Sawyer Gym…Grimsley also got good floor support from Alex Taylor, and Grimsley is pretty much working without a true post player, but Bryce Davis is providing the force the Whirlies need down low, and with his big body, he is post-enough for Grimsley, and he allows the Whirlies to get the job done…Lonnie Galloway, assistant football coach for the North Carolina Tar Heels was in attendance tonight, and Coach Galloway was watching Whirlies like Alex Taylor, Bryce Davis and others, hoping that they will cast their lot with the North Carolina Tar Heels football team, in the future…

JV Boys Basketball from Grimsley High School…Final Score:Grimsley 63, Southeast Guilford 40
End of First Quarter:Grimsley 21, SEG 10…Halftime:Grimsley 33, SEG 16…End of Third Quarter:Grimsley 51, SEG 28…Final:Grimsley 63, SEG 40…
#11 for Grimsley was a deadly shooter…It was on his 3’s, his FT’s, it was all about a smooth shot/stroke for this kid…He knows the court well, and he is an Excellent Basketball Court Player…#11 for Grimsley, one of the best pure shooters, we’ve seen this season….

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Northwest Guilford 51, Western Guilford 49
Southwest Guilford 39, Page 35
Smith 65, Rockingham County 38
Smith girls now (14-2/9-0)
Dudley 47, WS Atkins 42
Bishop McGuinness 70, Bethany Community School 23
Caldwell Academy 40, Westchester Country Day 28
High Point Christian 65, Forsyth Country Day 38
Woodland Christian 45, Vandalia Christian 41

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Northwest Guilford 64, Western Guilford 52
Ragsdale 53, Northern Guilford 51
Dudley 64, WS Atkins 49
Smith 83, Rockingham County 52
High Point Central 62, Eastern Guilford 61
Greensboro Day School 62, Calvary Day School 39
High Point Christian 62, Forsyth Country Day 60
Caldwell Academy 71, Westchester Country Day 49
Vandalia Christian School 54, Woodland Christian 41
Vandalia has been winning since Corvin Davis took over as their new head coach…
Bishop McGuinness 83, Bethany Community School 21