High School Basketball Tonight Finals/Scoreboard for (2/3/2023):NG girls now (20-0)/NWG boys snag key road win/GDS boys upset by FCD, 64-62(More Scores)

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Finals from Northern Guilford High School:
Northern Guilford girls 58, Northwest Guilford 35
NG girls now (20-0/12-0)…NWG(16-6/10-2)
End of First Quarter:NG 13, NWG 6…Halftime:NG 31, NWG 13…End of Third Quarter:NG 43, NWG 23…Final:NWG 58, NG 35
Top Scorers and more details on the way…
NG Scoring: Jadyn Newsome 13 points, Jasmine Harris 13, Laurel Zlotkowski 10, Skylar Fowler 8, Malena Delisa 4, Lizzie Gram 3, Avery Burnham 3, Christina Delisa 2, Katlyn Newsome 1
NWG Scoring: Maslyn Mosbacher 17 points, Madison Young 8, Bel Varadi 6, Peyton Vernon 3, Grace Henline 1

+++++++++A strong cast of seniors on this NG Lady Nighthawks team, with Christina Delisa, Lizzy Gram, Caroline Gram, Skyler Fowler, Avery Burnham, Laurel Zlotkowski, and Jadyn Newsome…That is seven(7) seniors right there, and you have three sets of sisters on this team with the twins(Lizzie and Caroline Gram), Christina and Malena Delisa, and Jadyn and Kadyn Newsome…There is all sorts of team chemistry and DNA chemical makeup among this team….

Top scorers from the NWG game were, Jadyn Newsome, Jasmine Harris, and Laurel Zlotkowski…Christian Delisa and Malena Delisa played the kind of defense that you like to write home about…Jadyn Newsome, Zlotkowski, and Sklar Fowler were so tough in the post, Northwest Guilford couldn’t really get anything going on, inside…Need to an interview sometime before the season is over with Christina Delisa, Laurel Zlotkowski, Lizzie Gram, Caroline Gram, Avery Burnham, Skylar Fowler and the other seniors…Have talked previously with Jadyn Newsome and Jazzy Harris from NG…And Harris was scoring, rebounding, passing and playing some stellar defense on Friday night, at NG…

Like we said, lots of team chemistry within the NG Nighthawks Girls Basketball program…For Northwest, the real spark of the night was little Maslyn Mosbacher…Mas was driving the lane, making outside shots, diving for loose balls, and doing her thing…Mosbacher is a nightmare for most opposing defenses, but the problem was she was not facing most defenses, she was facing Christina Delisa, Malena Delisa and that “Rawlings Tough” Northern Defense…Rawlings is an old basketball name from the past…Madison Young, from Northwest Guilford was being harassed by Jasmine Harris all night long, and in-turn, Young was taking turns with other NWG defenders, trying to slow down Harris(Still like Young and Mosbacher, as one of the best guard duos around)…You better believe it, that NG girls defense will give any opposing team fits, and when the Nighthawks come at you with the Double-Team, it is pure havoc released on you…
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$$$$$$$$$$ Lake Norman(20-0) and Northern Guilford(20-0) might be meeting later on down the road, in the 4-A West…$$$$$$$$$$

Northwest Guilford boys 68, Northern Guilford 59
NWG boys(8-12/3-9)…NG(5-13/3-9)
End of First Quarter:NG 15, NWG 11…Halftime:NG 29, NWG 27…End of Third Quarter:NWG 44, NG 40…Final:NWG 68, NG 59
Top Scorers and more details on the way…
NWG Scoring:Jacob Huitsing 18 points, Ryan Debow 15, Sean O’Brien 12, Jackson Godfrey 8, Conner Nix 8, Dawson Esbrandt 6, Caleb Palumbo 1
NG Scoring: Chris Mitchell 27 points, Jordan Williams 8, Michael Juergens 7, Cameron Milton 6, Andrew Benincasa 6, Conner Howell 2, Will Thomas 2
**********NWG hit 22-32 free throws…Ryan Debow led the way for the Vikings, going 9-11 at the line…NG hit a bundle of 3’s and that kept them in the game in the second half…NWG got a real boost/spark from Jacob Huitsing, Ryan Debow, and Sean O’Brien on Friday night…NWG could still use Tanner Ballou, if he is released to play basketball before the season is over…But, Huitsing was hot from three-point range, he was hitting key free throws, and he was playing smart basketball for NWG…Debow was doing all kinds of things, but he got into foul trouble, and Caleb Kimbrough Palumbo had to spell him for awhile…Caleb Kimbrough is a former men’s college basketball player, who played for Caleb Palumbo’s dad Tom, at Guilford College…

Sean O’Brien was also contributing in a big way for NWG on Friday night…O’Brien did a good job of running the offense out front, and he did not do anything out of character, he knew his role, and stayed within his role, in the victory….Jackson Godfrey is a basketball player in a baseball player’s body, but this kid ought to be playing football for the NWG Vikings…Godfrey is as strong as oxe…This kid has the build of a miniature Bill Laimbeer out there…Godfrey is strong, but he goes back up well, and finishes shots by using the backboard, and he sees “the square”, and he uses “the square” to put the ball back in the net…This young man is super-strong, and we have to get him on a football field, he would make a great middle linebacker…

Good minutes off of the Northwest Guilford bench, by what Don Tilley calls the Red Team, with Palumbo, Josh Godfrey, Dawson Esbrandt, Jac Dalton, and Gavin Pearson…And one more NWG kid, and we will be moving on…What about that Conner Nix??? Eight points, and some fine post work by Nix on Friday night, at NG…He makes you think of Steve Nix, who used to play for the Philadelphia 76er’s…Steve Nix was walking around not doing much of nothing at all for 76er’s, and then he got hot/in gear, and started averaging around 25 points per game…And Conner Nix might be on the verge of busting out like Steve Nix did….

It was almost like it was time for the “Chris Mitchell Show” for Northern Guilford on Friday night…Mitchell was lighting it up, and his 27 points, with several key three’s, Mitchell was money, and he needed some help from his other Nighthawk helpers…Things were not clicking for NG, like they were over at Northwest, back on January 6, when NG topped the NWG boys, 70-69, in OT…That was sort of like a Northern Guilford Nighthawk Resurrection/Insurrection on that evening, but on Friday night, Northwest was able to trump NG, at The Nest…

Like we are prone to do, we like to say that NG had enough overall offense to win this game(59 points), with Mitchell playing and scoring like Sam Mitchell did back in his NBA days with Cavs, and the Timberwolves, but Northern Guilford needed more stops, takeaways, and forced turnovers…Defense is what cost the Nighthawks a chance at a season-sweep, over Northwest Guilford…And with NG not being quite quick and resilient enough on defense, Northwest Guilford was able to take advantage of the situation…And a key result of the feet and hands maybe not moving as quick as necessary, NG ends up getting into serious foul trouble, and there goes Michael Juergens, and other key players, that NG wished could have finished the game for them…Andrew Benincasa also fouled out, and he and Michael were not the only ones…I thinking NG lost right around 3-4 players to foul problems…

And talking about being finished/dealing with problems, I have just about done enough damage for one day, maybe for even one or two day, so I will do what the old coaches used to call the “Total Release” and give way to trying to get some sleep…You can listen back to our Friday night basketball games, with Northwest Guilford at Northern Guilford, when you CLICK ON to GreensboroSports Radio

(I didn’t really think I had it in me, but we have given you another HS Basketball Report, and it has been a full blow-by-blow of what was going on, during the show//games.)

Smith boys 91, High Point Central 38
Smith girls 66, High Point Central 14

Ragsdale girls 51, Grimsley 44
RHS(4-15)/Grimsley(3-17)…Leading scorers for Ragsdale were, Tarver 18 points, Patrick 18 points, Boddie 11 points, Atwater 4 points….
Grimsley boys 76, Ragsdale 50

Western Guilford girls 70, Page 65
Page boys 80, Western Guilford 57

Southwest Guilford girls 62, Southeast Guilford 38

Northeast Guilford girls 37, WS Atkins 36
Northeast Guilford boys 88, WS Atkins 81

Southern Guilford girls 54, Eastern Guilford 11
Southern Guilford boys 74, Eastern Guilford 50

Rockingham County girls 73, Dudley 60

High Point Andrews boys 85, Morehead 75

Greensboro Day School girls 63, Forsyth Country Day 41
Forsyth Country Day boys 64, Greensboro Day School 62

Bishop McGuinness boys 67, WS Carver 25
Bishop McGuinness girls 59, WS Carver 7

Faith Christian girls 35, Vandalia Christian 29
Vandalia Christian boys 65, Faith Christian 53

Shining Light Academy boys 57, West Florida Baptist 35

Calvary Day School boys 79, Westchester Country Day 66

NC GBB Academy National boys 85, Piedmont Classical 73
NC GBB(20-4)/PCS(26-7)

Reidsville boys 60, West Stokes 43
REIDS(16-0)/W. Stokes(12-9)