Was the Duke Women’s Basketball Team using a men’s basketball in their game at Florida State, back on Sunday???

ACC refutes Duke HC Kara Lawson’s claim of men’s ball use vs. Florida State
from Victor Barbosa, with YardBarker.com/www.yardbarker.com

The ACC denied Duke women’s basketball coach Kara Lawson’s claim that the Blue Devils and Florida State Seminoles were using a men’s ball during the first half of their game on Sunday.

According to an Associated Press and ESPN report, Lawson brought the topic up following No. 16 Duke’s 53-44 win over Pittsburgh on Thursday. The Blue Devils fell to the Seminoles 70-57 on the road on Sunday for just their second ACC loss of the season.

“This would never happen in a men’s game. This would never happen,” Lawson said, per the report. “It’s embarrassing for our sport.”

According to a report from The Athletic, a women’s basketball is two ounces lighter, and its circumference is about one inch smaller.

The third-year coach added that throughout the first half, her players were “complaining about the ball.”

Duke shot 7-for-34 (20.5%) on their first-half field goal attempts before improving to a slightly better 12-for-38 (31.5%) over the final two quarters.

Florida State went 10-for-30 (33.3%) in the first half and 14-for-31 (45.1%) in the second half.

“To have a game that, at the end of the season, could be the difference between a seed, between a title. My players don’t deserve that, and neither do their players,” Lawson said. “It’s a complete failure. And you can figure out who the people I’m talking about that failed the sport and our players and both teams.”

The former WNBA All-Star said assistant coach Winston Gandy went to the scorer’s table at the half to check on the ball when he realized what the problem was. Lawson says that the game officials changed the ball to start the second half.