Former Greensboro Hornet and Baseball Scout Reggie Sanders says Travis Kelce(Kansas City Chiefs) could have been an MLB star

Ex-MLB scout says Chiefs’ Travis Kelce could have been baseball star
from Adam Gretz, with

Travis Kelce has become one of the best tight ends in NFL history, but if the whole football thing did not work out he might have had a great plan B as a baseball star.

At least that is what former Atlanta Braves scout Reggie Sanders(former Greensboro Hornets baseball player) believes.

Sanders, who worked as Braves scout between 2002-07, told TMZ Sports that he thought Kelce was destined for baseball stardom had he stuck with it.

“He seemed like a big leaguer on a field of high school players,” Sanders told TMZ. “He looks almost the same size today as he was in high school.”

Sanders said his scouting report compared Kelce to former MLB star Josh Hamilton.

Instead of pursuing baseball, Kelce ended up going to the University of Cincinnati and was a third-round pick by the Chiefs in 2013.

It has turned out to be one of the best value picks in franchise history as Kelce has become a key part of a team that has been to three Super Bowls in the past five years.

He still competes in celebrity home run derby and softball games now.

There have been several NFL players in recent years that could have had a future in baseball, including quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray.

It also brings up the question if anybody could actually be a two-sport star today. The 1990s had several two-sport stars including Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson and Brian Jordan who all excelled in the NFL and Major League Baseball. It would be fun to see somebody try it again.