Should “Mama Kelce”/Janice Kelce be at midfield for the Super Bowl LVII coin flip on Sunday:Over 150,000 people say YES!!!

Donna Kelce has strong take on Super Bowl coin flip petition
from Victor Barbosa, with

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce’s mother — Donna — doesn’t think she should be out at midfield for the Super Bowl LVII coin flip on Sunday.

Travis and Jason Kelce’s mom, Donna, on the petition calling for her to do the Super Bowl coin flip:

“There are so many legends and people that have their blood, sweat and tears on that field and for a mom thats never played football, I don’t think that’s the right place for me”

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) February 7, 2023
Her response comes as over 150,000 people have now signed a petition asking the NFL to allow “Mama Kelce” to do the honorary coin toss prior to the contest. The petition was started last week by Kansas City Chiefs fan Amber Smith.

The Philadelphia Eagles center and Chiefs tight end — both All-Pros this season — will become the first brothers to play against each other in the Super Bowl when they face off on Sunday.

Despite being two of the best players in the NFL at their respective positions, Jason and Travis have seen Donna become a celebrity in her own right in the last week-plus and she has become arguably more popular as football fans await the action this weekend.

Both brothers have won Super Bowl titles before, with Jason capturing the crown in 2018 against the New England Patriots and Travis winning it all in 2020 against the San Francisco 49ers. One sibling will gain a 2-1 edge in championships in five days.

Super Bowl LVII kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday.