Dominique Wilkins says JJ Reddick does not know what he is talking about!!!

Dominique Wilkins blasts JJ Redick over ‘idiotic’ take
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JJ Redick recently fired the latest shot in the never-ending old NBA versus new NBA debate, and one Hall of Fame player believes Redick’s take was completely asinine.

During an episode of ESPN’s “First Take” last week, Redick argued that Larry Bird should not be considered one of the greatest three-point shooters and is nowhere close to Stephen Curry’s level. Chris “Mad Dog” Russo took offense to that and noted how much different the game was when Bird played from a physicality standpoint.

Redick’s response was that the physicality Curry faces on a nightly basis is greater than anything Bird had to deal with when Bird was dominating the NBA in the 1980s. Typically, the argument is that today’s game is much less physical than when Bird and others played, but Redick disagrees with that narrative. You can see the exchange below:

Wilkins was asked about Redick’s comments on SiriusXM NBA Radio Tuesday. He offered a harsh response.

“For of all, Redick don’t know what the hell he’s talking about. I’m like, what basketball were you watching? To say something as idiotic as that is ridiculous,” Wilkins said. “The physicality that was a part of the league … look, when you you can put your hand on a guy’s hip and make him go a certain way and you can put your elbow into a guy to slow him up, there’s not that many guys that can deal with that type of pressure. For JJ Redick, who played this game, I’m very disappointed that he said something so stupid.”

Wilkins argued that Bird was a much bigger player than Curry and had to play around the basket, which is something the Golden State Warriors star does not do. Though, Redick was only making the point that Bird should not be considered one of the best three-point shooters of all time.

“This is the thing I hate the most — we had our time. It was a great time. It’s their time now, but don’t crap on us to prove your point,” Wilkins said. “It doesn’t make sense and it’s not valid. … To say that about Larry Bird — less physicality — is (Redick) stupid? It’s just a stupid comment to make.”

You can hear more from Wilkins below:

The NBA is a much different game now than it was 30 and 40 years ago, which is why these debates are often pointless. Of course, they make for outstanding TV and talk show fodder.

Redick seemed to only be arguing that one specific area of today’s game is more physical, but we strongly recommend he not try making that point to Shaq.