Was Tom Brady a Bully? Brady ran the show in New England, and some say he was able to bully the Patriots’ OC Josh McDaniels

Tom Brady allegedly ‘was able to bully’ Raiders’ Josh McDaniels with Patriots
from Zac Wassink, with YardBarker.com/www.yardbarker.com

Maybe recently re-retired quarterback Tom Brady was never all that close to joining the Las Vegas Raiders as a free agent this offseason, after all.

Former quarterback and current NFL personality David Carr has offered some interesting information about the relationship Brady supposedly had with Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels when McDaniels served as the signal-caller’s offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots.

“I don’t speak for anybody in my family. I don’t speak for anybody in New England,” Carr recently said during an appearance on the “Harvester Sports Podcast,” per Dakota Randall of NESN. “I know some people up there, I know some people that were in Las Vegas. I would say what happened is, in New England, Tom Brady ran the show. So, he was able to bully Josh.”

Per Carr, Brady would go to head coach Bill Belichick over disagreements with McDaniels. If Belichick didn’t give in to Brady, the seven-time Super Bowl champion allegedly would then speak with team owner Robert Kraft.

“‘Trade Jimmy Garoppolo, I don’t need him in here causing a problem.’ Jimmy Garoppolo gets traded, right?” Carr added about Brady.

Carr, of course, is the older brother of current New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr. Derek Carr played for the Raiders under none other than McDaniels last season.

“I think that when they were in New England, Tom ran his stuff,” David Carr continued. “Tom is a guy, historically, that gets to the line of scrimmage, picks the play he wants to run. … I think that what Josh wants to do, is Josh feels like — and maybe he’s right, maybe he’s wrong, time will tell — he feels like he can guess right most of the time from the sideline, which is almost impossible to do in this day and age. But Derek does say he’s a smart guy, like he’s a football genius. Like he gets it.”

It’s widely believed that both Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski nearly chose the Raiders over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the spring of 2020 when McDaniels was still employed by the Patriots. Brady’s name is routinely being mentioned in rumors about a second comeback in the closing days of winter, but perhaps Hall of Famer Tim Brown knew more than he suggested when he campaigned for the Raiders to go in a different direction at the position in January.