Southeast Guilford Falcons 2023 Greensboro Grasshoppers Spring Break Baseball Tournament Champions

Final from Saturday night, at First National Bank Field:
Southeast Guilford 4, North Davidson 1
**********Southeast Guilford Falcons 2023 Greensboro Grasshoppers Spring Break Baseball Tournament Champions**********
WP:Maddox Long/LP:Ethan Snyder

ND- 1-3-2

More details on this game to come…
Maddox Long worked short relief for the SEG Falcons, and he gets the win for the Falcons…Long was strong, allowing 0 runs, on one hit, with two walks, and three strikeouts…SEG starting pitcher Ryan Aufderhar was also a horse for the Falcons working five innings, giving up one run, on two hits with four walks and six strikeouts…One wild pitch from Aufderhar…Long was 1-2 at the plate for SEG, and had a sacrifice bunt, and he was hit by a pitch…Long scored the tying run for SEG to make it a 1-1 game in the bottom of the fifth inning….Luke Kanape, 1-4 for SEG, had the game-tying RBI, that brought Long to the plate, with the tying run…In the bottom of the sixth inning, Ryan Allen came up with a two-run single for the SEG Falcons, as Allen ball went into right-center field, and it allowed Chancelor Terry and Bubba Sims, to both score for SEG…Luke Kelly had a SAC Fly RBI, that scored Matt Corder, and Kelly’s fly ball RBI, also came in that three-run bottom of the sixth inning for SEG…Kelly was 2-2 in the game, with a Walk, a SAC, and two well-struck singles…Again, that was a big-time highlight hit by SEG’s Ryan Allen…

For North Davidson, their starting pitcher, Jake DiBonaventure, went 4 2/3’s innings, and he gave up 0 runs,on four hits, with 1 BB, and five K’s….DiBonaventure was also 2-3, with a walk, from his #2 spot in the ND Black Knights batting order…North Davidson could only come up with three hits total, in the Championship Game…Two for DiBonaventure, and the other belonged to leadoff hitter Alex Naylor…Naylor going 7-12 at the plate in the tournament…
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Third Place Game:
Grimsley 11, Burlington Williams 7…Five Innings
WP:Jackson Adams/LP:Ethan George

BW:  7- 9-1

**********Whirlie Baseball
Solid win this afternoon over Williams High School in the final day of the Greensboro Grasshopper Tournament as we take home 3rd place**********
++++++++++Tai Richmond, from Grimsley HS, was 2-3 in this game, with two walks, and three runs scored…The Whirlies Eli Coll went 1-2, with his home run, and two walks, plus he three runs scored, and he drove in three runs…Chase Gurney was 2-3 for Grimsley, with a Double, a walk, with two runs scored, and two RBI…Sebastian Rodriguez 2-4 for the Whirlies, with a big two-run single…JT Simmons, 1-3, with a walk, and one run scored by his pinch-runner, Jackson Adams…Eli Ponder was 2-3 for Grimsley, with a Double and one RBI…
Dan Mahan 2-4 for Williams, with a Double, a run scored, and one RBI…Tate Jones, from Williams, was 2-4, with a bunt single and one run scored….The Bulldogs’ Ethan George went 2-4, with a Double, two runs scored, and one RBI…The biggest part of the Bulldogs offense was coming from the top three spots in their order…

Fifth Place Game:
Western Alamance 11, Eastern Alamance 1
WP:Aiden McCandless/Cole McGinnis

EA: 1- 3-0

Western Alamance(7-10)
Eastern Alamance(4-11)
WP Aiden McCandless from Western Alamance goes five innings, allowing just one run, on three Eastern Alamance Eagles hits, with three walks, and ten(10) strikeouts…He had two wild pitches, plus he hit one batter, and he gave up a solo HR, the only run of the game, to his opposing pitcher, Cole McGinnis….Eastern Alamance also got a Double from Landon Linens…Cooper Huff had a Triple, and two runs scored for Western Alamance…The WA pitcher, Aiden McCandless was 1-4, with a Double…Looks like overall, Shepherd Gooding was the top hitter for WA in their win over EA…Gooding looking real good, going 4-4/plus he had a Double, two runs scored, and 2 RBI…A real good effort from Shepherd Gooding…Tyler Atkins, 2-3 for WA, with a run, and three RBI…Cam McCandless 2-3 for WA, with two runs scored, and a stolen base….

Seventh Place Game:
Asheboro 2, Northern Guilford 1
WP:Conner Adams/LP:RJ Smith

NG- 1-3-1

Northern Guilford(4-11)
Starting pitcher for Asheboro, Tanner Marsh had a no-hitter going through innings, and he struck out 10 NG batters before leaving the contest…Then Marsh came up with a Walk-off Double, off of the wall in left field, that scored the Asheboro Blue Comets’ Ben Luck, to win the game…The Walk-off Winner from Marsh…Josh Meadows was 2-3 for the Blue Comets at the plate…CF/Pitcher RJ Smith carried Northern Guilford on mound for six innings…Smith was very strong, and he kept his Nighthawks in the ballgame…Smith was also 1-3, and he scored the only run of the game, for the NG Nighthawks…

First Place:SEG(3-0)…Second Place:North Davidson(2-1)…Third Place:Grimsley(2-1)…Fourth Place:Burlington Williams(1-2)…Fifth Place:Western Alamance(2-1)…Eastern Alamance(1-2)…Seventh Place:Asheboro(1-2)…Eighth Place:Northern Guilford(0-3)

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Tournament Home Runs from Cole McGinnis(Eastern Alamance HS) with two solo home runs, and his were both lead off the inning HR’s….Both on top of the left field hill…One HR from Braydon Hill(North Davidson HS) and Hill’s homer was a three-run shot, and also landed on top of the left field hill…And a HR from Eli Coll(Grimsley HS) and his was two-run home run, that joined the others, and it came to rest on top of the left field hill…Freshman Bubba Sims, from Southeast Guilford HS, was 8-11 at the plate in the tournament, and Sims drove in 8 runs…Sims scored three runs in the tournament…Alex Naylor, from North Davidson HS, was 7-12 at the plate in the tourney…We/I may be wrong, but I believe that would put Sims and Naylor, at the top, at the top two overall hitter in the tournament…

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