Green Bay Packers, NY Jets re-engaged in Aaron Rodgers trade talks

Packers, Jets re-engaged in Aaron Rodgers trade talks
from Adam Gretz, with

The Green Bay Packers and New York Jets might finally be making some progress on the long awaited Aaron Rodgers trade.

NFL Networks Ian Rapoport reported on Sunday that after a “dormant” couple of weeks the two recently re-engaged in trade talks for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Rapoport says a deal does not appear to be imminent but they hope to get something concluded within the next week.

Rodgers and the Packers have been headed for a split for a year now, and he made it clear he only wanted to play for the Jets this season. Since then it has been a matter of agreeing on compensation. Neither side has been willing to budge and so far no compromise has been made in the talks.

The Jets believe they have the leverage because Green Bay wants to be done with the drama, wants to dump Rodgers’ contract and because if a deal doesn’t get done, Rodgers could simply retire, leaving the Packers with nothing. Rodgers open desire to play for the Jets also significantly limits Green Bay’s options.

The Packers, however, at least want some fair compensation in a trade and know the Jets’ entire offseason is built around acquiring Rodgers to solve their long-time hole at quarterback.

At some point the two sides have to agree on something, and we might finally be reaching that point.

The Jets need to get this done because their only real internal option is going back to former No. 2 overall pick Zach Wilson. That is simply not a solution that anybody wants.

Signing Lamar Jackson to an offer sheet also seems like an option that is not on the table. It is Rodgers or bust here for New York.