Deion Sanders responds to critics of Colorado exodus:Prime says Buffalo players transferring out, is like getting rid of “Old Furniture”

Deion Sanders responds to critics of Colorado exodus
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Colorado coach Deion Sanders responded to critics of his huge purge.

Sanders appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show” Wednesday and discussed the massive overhaul of Colorado’s roster from the end of last season. As of the start of the week, the Buffaloes had seen 46 players enter the transfer portal since the end of last season, a number that easily leads college football.

According to Sanders, the exodus will be much clearer once people see the sorts of players he is bringing in. He likened the purge to getting rid of “old furniture” so he could fill his house with new and better furniture.

This may look pretty brutal, and it is, but it is also what Sanders said he was going to do. The transfer portal, as he sees it, is Colorado’s path to quick and instant credibility and success. After all, this is a team that went just 1-11 last season and finished tied for dead last in the Pac-12. Sanders is not really going to lean on that roster to make things better immediately.

To be clear, Colorado is definitely seeing some real talent leave. Sanders, however, is adamant that what is coming in will be a big improvement on what is leaving.