War Eagle Classic Track and Field Meet

A limited number of Caldwell Student/Athletes participated in the War Eagle Classic Track & Field Meet on 6MAY23
that was rescheduled from 22APRIL23. Teams competing came from both public ( 4A & 1A schools) & private schools (2A).

Caldwell Men’s Varsity team placed 7th with 25 points out of 15 total teams.
200 METERS 9th place Luke Collins (PR)
400 METERS 7th place Luke Collins,, 9th place Kaleb Roland (PR)
800 METERS 5th place Will Wright (PR)
3200 METERS 4th place Hunter Riffey (PR)
110M HURDLES 4th place Tim Stephens
300M HURDLES 3rd palace Tim Stephens (PR)

Caldwell Women’s Varsity Team placed 7th with 22 points out of 13 total teams.
100 METERS 8th place Leah Roland,, 9th place Maddie Reymond (PR)
200 METERS 8th place Maddie Reymond (PR),, 13th place Eloise Avbuere
400 METERS 3rd place Lead Roland (PR)
800 METERS 2nd place Olivia Furst (PR)
100M HURDLES 8th place Lilli Telleysh (PR)
300M HURDLES 4th place Lilli Telleysh (PR)

Next Track & Field Meet:: PTAC Conference Championship, Thursday, 11MAY,, FCDS

Courtesy of Bob Black, a Big Booster and Big Supporter of Caldwell Academy Eagles Athletics