Randy Orton told to curtail/end his professional wrestling career, but have we seen the last of the RKO?

Randy Orton’s career-threatening injury won’t dictate his legacy
from Marc Ray, with YardBarker.com/www.yardbarker.com

Despite reportedly being told by doctors to never wrestle again, Randy Orton, a 14-time WWE world heavyweight champion, has an illustrious legacy that ranks among the greatest professional wrestling stars of all time.

Orton, who has been out of action for more than a year, reportedly underwent back fusion surgery last November and was told to retire by doctors, according to his father Bob Orton Jr.

If Orton decides to hang up the boots, there’s no denying that he is one of the most iconic superstars in WWE history. His longevity has made him a mainstay in WWE, a key player in the Ruthless Aggression and PG eras of the promotion.

Since making his debut in 2002, Orton has captured a plethora of WWE championships and been involved in numerous storylines, including rivalries with John Cena, The Undertaker and Triple H, to name a very select few, cultivating him as a main-event attraction. He has been dubbed many names, such as “The Legend Killer,” “The Apex Predator” and “The Viper.”

One of Orton’s defining characteristics is his intensity. Throughout his career, he’s been able to engage with the crowd and evoke emotional reactions from fans with his in-ring abilities and microphone skills, whether it was cheering him as a hero or booing him as a villain.

His impact has transcended pro wrestling by becoming a recognizable figure not just among wrestling fans, but to a broader audience. His finishing move, the RKO, has become prominent in pop culture, with audiences showcasing the maneuver through memes and videos.

Orton, the youngest world heavyweight champion in company history, will ultimately join his father Bob Orton Jr. in the WWE Hall of Fame once he calls it a career.

Orton’s last appearance on WWE TV was in May 2022, when he teamed up with Matt Riddle and lost the WWE Raw tag team titles to the Usos.

Overall, his injury and potential retirement will mark the end of an era, but it will not diminish his contributions to the pro wrestling industry, which solidified him as a major star.