Part II with Phil Weaver on our NCCA East-West All-Stars Games Podcast: Information on here, that you will NEVER find anywhere else(We came close to covering it all, and MORE)

CLICK BELOW…And then you will go into a world of information, and it is good stuff too…It will a group of names and teams that you have not heard about in a LONG, LONG time…So of these that we talk about in the NCCA East-West All-Stars Games Podcast, with Phil Weaver, the Director of the games, so of these items and topics have never been talked about before, in this type of platform..

We spill the beans, and we even talk about how you count the beans…Take it from me, this is the Video to See in 2023….

Let’s Go, and here is the Video, from the pro, Coach Phil Weaver…
And yes, Oh, you will need to Click On Below…

Please don’t miss out, and if you didn’t Click On Here, then it is like driving right past the “South of the Border”…You missed it/us….