ABF Academy Launches Postgraduate Baseball Program

ABF Academy Launches Postgraduate Baseball Program

MIAMI, The programs at ABF Academy have provided student-athletes with diverse and purposeful learning environments to master both their academic and athletic talents, which has translated into success on the field, on the court, and in the classroom. Today, Manny Riera, Owner and Chief Academic Officer of ABF Academy, announced the establishment of ABF Academy’s first postgraduate program.

ABF Academy, a private K-12 institution established in 2007, opened the doors of its innovative athletic program in August of 2021 at its Homestead Campus. The program initially consisted of a baseball program focused on providing students in grades 6-12 with an immersive athletic and academic environment that ensures the academic standards of each student meets all eligibility requirements, provides student-athletes with unparalleled experiences in sport, and ends with the reception of a high school diploma. Since its inception, ABF’s program has been heralded as an innovative product that shifts the dynamics of high school athletics, and in the years that followed, ABF has garnered enough support to expand its offerings. Expansion efforts brought ABF Academy to the Hialeah community following the acquisition of the institution formerly known as Champagnat Catholic School. ABF Academy: Hialeah was officially established in August of 2022 and opened the doors of its baseball and basketball programs to a slew of new student-athletes. The expansion to the Hialeah Campus brought about further expansion in the form of ProTrain’s strength and conditioning program and the formation of a football program to name a few. Two years have passed since ABF Academy first set out to reimagine high school athletics. Now, the organization sets its sights on reimagining the postgraduate athletic experience.

Beginning in the Fall of 2023, ABF Academy will begin to offer a postgraduate, or “gap year”, baseball program for student-athletes looking to bolster their academic and athletic standings in preparation for the collegiate experience. ABF Academy’s postgraduate program will provide student-athletes with a hybrid-style learning model consisting of courses that satisfy the requirements of most higher education programs and are, subsequently, easily transferrable. Students enrolled in the postgraduate program will have access to ABF’s full repertoire of support from dedicated ABF staff, teachers, coaches, and counselors, most of whom will assist in the transcript evaluation, college counseling, and college preparation processes. Athletic enhancement for members of the postgraduate program comes in the form of: a rigorous training regimen; access to ABF’s portfolio of equipment, technology and staff of former professional and collegiate personnel; and a full season schedule against other postgraduate programs, collegiate JV teams, and community colleges. ABF is not only set to welcome those student-athletes located locally but is set to welcome international students via I-20 and F-1 forms.

“We’ve learned a lot about the industry in two years with our high school programs, and we’ve identified a real need for an enhancement to the postgraduate experience,” said Manny Riera. “Whether it’s due to poor academic standing or a sheer lack of exposure, there exist student-athletes with the talent to continue their baseball careers at the next level that haven’t been presented with the opportunity to do so. ABF Academy wants to provide a unique program tailor made for those athletes. We want to be the ones to help them in the classroom; to be the ones that continue to advance their skills on the field; and to be the ones that facilitate those connections with college programs. We want to be the program for these kids not just because we possess the resources to do so but because at ABF, we care.”

Enrollment for ABF Academy’s postgraduate baseball program is now open. Student-athletes and families interested in learning more about the program are invited to contact the school for more information.

Courtesy of Dillon Riera