Deion Sanders rips NCAA for sidelining All-American transfer

Deion Sanders puts NCAA on blast for sidelining All-American transfer
from Michael Gallagher, with

University of Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has never been one to keep his opinions to himself.

So, when the NCAA denied immediate eligibility to offensive line transfer Tyler Brown, who joined Colorado from Sanders’ previous school Jackson State and requested a medical waiver for mental health issues, the two-time Super Bowl champion made it known that he wasn’t pleased with the organization’s decision.

“It don’t make sense,” Sanders told reporters on Tuesday. “Some things just don’t make sense. You say you really care about mental health, but when you have someone really dealing with mental health, there’s a problem. Then, ostracizing him and not allowing him to do what he’s blessed and gifted to do and the thing that presents him peace, that’s trying for a young man.”

Because this was Brown’s second transfer, he needed permission from the NCAA to play this season due to new rules approved earlier this year that only grant immediate eligibility to second-time transfers under three conditions — physical health/injury, mental health situations and “exigent circumstances.”

Brown’s case would seem to fall into the second category.

He explained the need for a mental health waiver in a video posted over the weekend in which he detailed witnessing the death of his offensive line coach at Louisiana, which led to him battling depression and ultimately transferring to Jackson State with Sanders last year.

“I don’t want to go into a dark place again because I don’t have football,” Brown stated. “…I chose to transfer a second time when, really, this should honestly be my first real transfer because of my extenuating circumstances.”

Brown was a first-team All-SWAC selection and an AP third-team All-American last season under Sanders at JSU.S