Here’s how UNC & Duke stack up when producing NBA champions

It’s no secret that UNC and Duke are basketball powerhouses, but a new study is showing why exactly.

To find out which colleges crank out NBA champs, Fadeaway World conducted a thorough analysis of NBA players who have reached the NBA Finals throughout history using data from Basketball Reference.

Key findings:

UNC has produced the 2nd most individual players (19) who have won an NBA championship, only beat by UCLA.
UNC’s alumni have won the most NBA championship rings (37), tied with UCLA.
UNC alumni Michael Jordan won six NBA rings, and James Worthy won three NBA rings.
UNC has the 2nd most alumni who have made the NBA finals (63).
Duke alumni lead the ACC for the highest win share in the NBA playoffs at 63.4.
Duke ranks 16th with the most individual players (7) who have won an NBA championship.
Duke ranks 11th with 26 alumni making NBA finals appearances.

The Charlotte Hornets, Los Angeles Lakers, and Indiana Pacers are predicted to win future championships based on where players went to college.

Check out the data we broke down more in this link.

Melissa Stephenson