Jim Boone Host 35th Free Fall Coaches Clinic: 10/28 & 10/29, that’s this Saturday and Sunday at Greensboro College

Jim Boone Host 35th Free Fall Coaches Clinic: 10/28 & 10/29

Greensboro College’ Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Jim Boone will host The 35th Annual Fall Coaches Clinic in Hanes Gymnasium on October 28th and 29th. This two-day event is a golden opportunity for coaches at all levels to delve into the intricacies of the game, focusing on the “Pride Way” that defines Greensboro College’s basketball.

“We are extremely excited to host our 35th annual Free Fall Coaches Clinic here at Greensboro College. This is a special opportunity for us open our Program to coaches everywhere, and to share our thoughts on Program and Culture Building, along with our methods of teaching and developing our Team. We look forward to hosting both our local and in-state coaches, as well as coaches from across the country and world. This year’s clinic promises to be our best ever.”

Coach Boone and his dedicated team are inviting basketball coaches to go “All Access”, providing over 8 hours of intensive instruction, and a deeper understanding of strategies. The clinic will feature an array of insights, drills, and hands-on experiences, ensuring attendees leave with an abundance of knowledge and inspiration.

This year’s clinic is designed to be an immersive journey into the world of basketball. Attendees can expect an extensive look at the Greensboro Pack Line Defense, a system renowned for its effectiveness in successfully defending against ball screens and low post plays. Coaches will gain valuable insights into how to thwart their opponents in critical game situations while mastering key offensive movements.

The highlight of the clinic will be the unveiling of the GC Motion Offense, a system that promises to take Greensboro College’s basketball program to new heights. Coaches will have the opportunity to understand the nuances of this offense through teaching and developmental, equipping them with powerful tools to implement in their game plans and instill in their teams.

The clinic goes far beyond theory, and coaches can look forward to real time insight and experiences with two GC team practices, allowing them to witness the execution of these strategies in a live setting. These practices are invaluable opportunities to observe the meticulous planning and execution that goes into every successful college basketball team.

In addition, the clinic offers staff breakout sessions and film sessions, providing an inside look at how coaches analyze their team’s performance and strategize for success. These insights are not only valuable but also enlightening for those looking to up their coaching game.

The 35th Annual Fall Coaches Clinic is free and open to coaches on all levels. For additional information and registration Contact Assistant Coach Dalton Coleman Call: (931) 239-0542 or Email: Dalton.Coleman@Greensboro.edu. For Hotel Reservations contact Hampton Inn Downtown Greensboro (336) 553-1280 or Courtyard Marriott West Wendover (336) 294-3800 and ask for the Special GC Clinic rate to reserve your room.