Texas Roadhouse High School Football Picks – PLAYOFFS Week #1

Texas Roadhouse High School Picks Contest is BACK!

Pick 15 Winners and if you have the most correct, you will win a $15 Gift Certificate from Texas Roadhouse on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro. There’s a Tie-Breaker in case of ties – DON’T FORGET it.

Due to rain forecast on Friday, many games are being moved to Thursday. Deadline for entries is Thursday at 6 PM.


Week #01 – Mackie Chandler
Week #02 – Perry N. Saunders
Week #03 – Mike Fulp
Week #04 – Jesse Stewart
Week #05 – Jimmy Palmer
Week #06 – Michael Davis
Week #07 – Jason Nelson
Week #08 – Bradley Curtis
Week #09 – Cameron Stephens
Week #10 – Christopher Ross
Week #11 – Richard Dockery

Rules on the Contest Page.