Frank Reich’s future as Carolina Panthers head coach reportedly in question

Frank Reich’s future as Panthers head coach reportedly in question
from Michael Gallagher, with

When the first coaching domino fell with the Las Vegas Raiders firing Josh McDaniels two weeks ago, many began speculating which other head coaches were on the hot seat.

It now appears Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich is one of them after a recent report from The Athletic’s Dianna Russini during Tuesday’s episode of “The Athletic Football Show.”

“There’s frustration with the way this offense is performing, the development of Bryce Young, the overall effort and energy from the players and from the coaches,” Russini said . “…They are having conversations about whether they feel Frank Reich is the right guy as a head coach to get the best out of Bryce Young. I think in terms of a leash right now, I think it’s a short one for the future of this coaching staff.”

Reich was hired for his reputation as a quarterback guru, having worked with Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers and Carson Wentz during his lone All-Pro season in 2017.

But eight games into this year, Young looks like an average passer and not someone worth the hefty package of two first-rounders, two second-rounders and star receiver D.J. Moore that it cost to acquire him.

Among the seven rookie QBs, Young has thrown the most interceptions (seven) and he ranks third in completion percentage (62.8) and fifth in passer rating (75.9). Though he’s second to only C.J. Stroud in both passing yards and touchdowns, the gap between the two is surprisingly large.

Stroud, who was drafted one spot behind Young, is averaging 291.8 yards passing per game to Young’s 195, and he’s thrown seven more touchdowns and five fewer interceptions, per Stat Muse.

Young has yet to throw for 250 yards or more in any game this season, and he also has just one game with more than one touchdown pass and one game with a passer rating higher than the NFL average of 93.6. Oh, and the Panthers have just one win.

“The only way this staff will keep their jobs by the end of this year will be if there is significant improvement,” Russini added.

The good news, if there is any, for Reich and the rest of his assistants is that the Panthers play a favorable schedule for the rest of the year. Of their remaining eight games, only two are against teams with winning records.