High School Basketball Tonight in and around Guilford County: Games from “The Mac” at Page HS, on GreensboroSports Radio with the Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Games of the Week

High School Basketball Tonight(1/26/2024) in and around Guilford County

Greensboro Day School girls(21-4) at Calvary Day School(5-13) 5:30pm/Greensboro Day School boys(19-9) at Calvary Day School(12-13) 7pm

Bishop McGuinness girls(14-3) at Cornerstone Charter(1-12) 5:30pm/Bishop McGuinness boys(15-3) at Cornerstone Charter(5-11) 7pm

Vandalia Christian School girls(9-4) at Triad Baptist Christian Academy(10-6) 5:30pm/Vandalia Christian School boys(5-10) at Triad Baptist Christian Academy(11-6) 7pm

High Point Christian Academy girls(18-3) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(18-8) 6pm/High Point Christian Academy boys(19-3) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(16-8) 7:30pm

Ragsdale girls(5-9) at Northern Guilford(16-1) 6pm/Ragsdale boys(2-15) at Northern Guilford(12-5) 7:30pm

Grimsley girls(6-9) at Southeast Guilford(10-6) 6pm/Grimsley boys(12-4) at Southeast Guilford(5-11) 7:30pm

Southwest Guilford girls(11-4) at Page(5-12) 6pm/Southwest Guilford boys(12-4) at Page(9-8) 7:30pm
We will have both of these games for you on GreensboroSports Radio…Girls pregame at 5:45 and the boys game will follow from the Mac Morris Gym/The Mac on the Page HS campus…SWG Cowgirls/Cowboys and the Page Pirates on GreensboroSports Radio….

Northwest Guilford girls(12-5) at Western Guilford(6-9) 6pm/Northwest Guilford boys(6-8) at Western Guilford(1-15) 7:30pm

Piedmont Classical School girls(5-8) at Leadership Academy(11-4) 6pm/Piedmont Classical School boys(10-8) at Leadership Academy(10-8) 7:30pm

North Forsyth girls(5-11) at Reidsville(5-7) 6pm/North Forsyth boys(4-11) at Reidsville(14-0) 7:30pm

Forsyth Country Day School boys(21-4) at Westchester Country Day(7-14) 6pm

WS Atkins girls(5-9) at Smith(14-2) 6:30pm/WS Atkins boys(4-13) at Smith(14-3) 8pm

Northeast Guilford girls(7-8) at Eastern Guilford(6-10) 6:30pm/Northeast Guilford boys(6-9) at Eastern Guilford(1-16) 8pm

Southern Guilford girls(5-12) at Rockingham County(12-4) 6:30pm/Southern Guilford boys(16-1) at Rockingham County(6-11) 8pm

Dudley girls(10-5) at High Point Central(0-16) 6:30pm/Dudley boys(9-6) at High Point Central(6-10) 8pm

High Point Andrews girls(14-2) at McMichael(7-7) 6:30pm/High Point Andrews boys(5-13) at McMichael(4-13) 8pm

The Burlington School boys(17-10) at Caldwell Academy(18-7) 7pm

**********Girls Top Ten for this Week**********
1)Greensboro Day School(21-4)
2)Northern Guilford(16-1)
4)High Point Christian(18-3)
5)Bishop McGuinness(14-3)
6)High Point Andrews(14-2)
7)Northwest Guilford(12-5)
8)Wesleyan Christian Academy(18-8)
9)Southwest Guilford(11-4)

**********Boys Top Ten for this Week**********
1)Southern Guilford(16-1)
4)High Point Christian(19-3)
5)Caldwell Academy(18-7)
6)Northern Guilford(12-5)
8)Southwest Guilford(12-4)
9)Greensboro Day School(19-9)
10)TIE:Wesleyan Christian Academy(16-8)/Dudley(9-6)/Bishop McGuinness(15-3)