Around the Horn with UNCG Softball’s Anna White

Around the Horn with UNCG Softball’s Anna White

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Senior Anna White of the UNC Greensboro (UNCG) softball team took on a course at Emory University in London, England this summer.

We caught up with Anna about her time in London to hear about her experiences!

What is your current major/minor at UNCG?
I am majoring in Kinesiology and minoring in Psychology.

How long was your study abroad? When did you go?
I left on June 24, 2023, and came back home July 29, 2023. The course lasted about five weeks over the summer.

Where did you go and why did you select this location?
I went to London, England. The course focused on the healthcare system in the United Kingdom and contrasting this to healthcare system in the U.S.

What school did you attend in England?
I attended Emory University.

How many classes did you take?
I only took the one class.

What was your biggest take away?
During this class, I was able to explore and examine the healthcare systems of many countries around the world. The focus of the course was the differences between the United States’ healthcare system and the United Kingdom’s healthcare system. I was able to analyze and understand how the two countries organized and delivered their healthcare services. I also learned about the various issues that the two healthcare systems deal with when it comes to the quality, access, and cost of the care they offer.

Did you have any big projects or research that you took part in?
We had a major end of the course project where we explored the British citizens’ attitudes towards and experiences with the National Health Service (NHS) through a survey. We worked in groups of two and conducted 30 face-to-face questionnaires each in various locations around London. The responses from the surveys were entered into an electronic spreadsheet that compiled the data for us. We then developed a research question based on topics covered in the class and current research literature. We then created a presentation that we presented during the last week of the course and had to individually write a final research paper on our research question. My group chose to examine how an individual’s generational classification impacted their confidence level in effective treatment they might receive from the NHS.

Did you get to see a healthcare system in action?
We visited various healthcare settings like St. Christopher’s Hospice, the British Medical Association, and an Old Operating Theatre. We also did a walking tour called Homes for Healing where we got to see London’s architectural history of healthcare and hear untold stories about the history of medicine and public health in London.

What were some of your favorite parts about being abroad?
I have never been to London before, so I loved doing all the touristy things around the city. I also enjoyed visiting other cities outside the city such as Bath, Cambridge, and Dover. Getting to walk along the White Cliffs of Dover was especially cool because we were able to see the coastline of France and visit the historic Dover Castle that was built in the 1180s. We were also able to walk through its historic tunnels that were pivotal for the Allied forces win in World War II.

Did you get to go to any other countries or cities while abroad?
I took a weekend trip with some friends to Copenhagen, Denmark. We saw royal castles, walked around Nyhavn Harbor, took a canal tour, and visited the historic Tivoli Gardens amusement park.

Was this the first time you have been abroad? If not, what countries have you visited?
This was not my first time abroad. I have also been to Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Mexico, the Cayman Islands, and Barbados.

How do you see this trip preparing you for a career post-graduation?
I am planning on pursuing career in healthcare. One of the things that will stick with me from this class is the importance of having quality relational care with your patients. Relational care is about having meaningful relationships with your patients and focusing not only on their physical needs, but their emotional, social, and psychological health as well. You must be able to show kindness and compassion by validating your patients’ emotions and actively listening to their concerns. While it is very important to treat their physical needs, it is just as important to build a quality relationship with them, so that they feel seen as a whole person and not just a problem you need to solve. Being able to build trust and respect with your patients is so important when it comes to relational care because being able to build trust and respect enables you to understand their changing needs and allow you to provide the best quality care that you can.

Courtesy of Denise Archetto
Assistant Athletic Director For Strategic Communications
UNC Greensboro