Final Scores, Video Interviews, and new team records from KickBack Jack’s Middle School Basketball Today(2/8/2024) with Great Food and Great Fun at KickBack Jack’s for the Super Bowl and Middle School Basketball going “Full Throttle” on this Thursday

KickBack Jack’s Middle School Basketball Today(2/8/2024) with Great Food and Great Fun at KickBack Jack’s
**********Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday, at Kickback Jack’s on Highwoods Blvd., just off of New Garden Road, here in Greensboro*********
TODAY’s Middle School Basketball Lineup:
Western Guilford at Kernodle boys at 5/girls at 6:15pm
Final:Kernodle girls 33, Western Guilford 18
Kernodle(12-1)/WG(2-10)….WG Tigers’ Taliyah McCullen with 12 pts.
Final:Kernodle boys 47, Western Guilford 23

Eastern Guilford at Northern Guilford boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Final:Eastern Guilford boys 51, Northern Guilford 45

Ferndale at The Academy at Lincoln boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Final:The Academy at Lincoln boys 47, Ferndale 7
Lincoln girls over Ferndale

Southeast Guilford at Northwest Guilford boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Final:Northwest Guilford boys 69, Southeast Guilford 44
End of First Half:NWG 17, SEG 8…Halftime:NWG 35, SEG 22…End of Third Quarter:NWG 57, SEG 34…Final:NWG 69, SEG 44
NWG scoring:Vinny Tresino 20 points with 15 points on five 3’s in the first half and he was something like 5-7 from Three-Point range in the first half…Brown 16 points, Boyles 8, Harrington 8, Varga 4, Pearson 3, McGinn 3, Anthony Tresino(Vinny’s little, little, little brother with 3 BIG points, Matthews 2, Stoltz 2…Vinny Tresino was lighting it up for NWG…Those five first half three-point shots and they came almost like five of them in a-row, with four from the left side of the court and one from the right…They were shots along the sideline area and not too far from the corners…It was like watching Vinny DelNegro when he played for N.C. State, or like J.J. Reddick from Duke, or like the “Human Micro-Wave” Vinny Johnson, when he played for the Detroit Pistons, or even George Lehmann when he was shooting three’s for the old Carolina Cougars of the ABA…Today was like an NBA All-Star Game from back in the day, the way the scores were going up….
SEG scoring:Marshon 13 points, Hicks 12, Jackson 9, Muirhead 6, Browley 4
Postgame interview with NWG Vikings head coach Cody Hylton, plus NWG players DeMarco Boyles and Vincent/Vinny Tresino…

Final:Northwest Guilford girls 44,Southeast Guilford 29
End of First Quarter:SEG 12, NWG 10…Halftime:NWG 26, SEG 12…End of Third Quarter:NWG 33, SEG 22…Final Score:NWG 44, SEG 29
NWG scoring:Harkey 11 points, Jones 8, Dunn 7, Reese Rodriguez 7, Watkins 5, Wohligimyth 4
SEG scoring:Robinson 12 points, Sockwell 7, Parks 6, Smith 2, Jazmine 2
Tight game early, but Northwest loosened up and then they began to open up their scoring drives with Viking success….
Interview with Northwest Guilford Middle School girls basketball coach Cindy Thomas, plus players Harkey, Jones and Watkins…Right after win over SEG Falcons…

Southwest Guilford at Kiser boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Final:Southwest Guilford boys 47, Kiser 37
Final:Kiser girls 34, Southwest Guilford 19

Northeast Guilford at Jackson boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Final:Northeast Guilford boys 47, Jackson 43
NEG boys (10-0) in Conference Play
Final:Northeast Guilford girls 21, Jackson 19

Allen at Hairston boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm

Swann at Allen Jay Prep boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm
Final:Allen Jay Prep girls 36, Swann 8
Final:Swann 38, Allen Jay Prep 37

Penn-Griffin at Southern Guilford boys at 4:45/girls at 6pm

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Records and Standings:
NEG boys (10-0) in Conference play
AJ Prep(8-1)
SW- 8-2
Mendenhall (12-2)
NG- 7-3
NW- 8 4
KISER- 3-6
EG- 2 3
SE- 0-8
WG 0-12

AJ Prep(11-0)
Kernodle 12-1
NW- 10 2
Lincoln 8-2
KISER- 4 4
SE- 5-6
NG- 4-6
SW- 0 9

Wrestling Finals:
Kiser 54, Southwest Guilford 46
Western Guilford 48, Kernodle 40
Northeast Guilford 60, Jackson 30
Northwest Guilford 72, Southeast Guilford 24

16 thoughts on “Final Scores, Video Interviews, and new team records from KickBack Jack’s Middle School Basketball Today(2/8/2024) with Great Food and Great Fun at KickBack Jack’s for the Super Bowl and Middle School Basketball going “Full Throttle” on this Thursday

  1. How many teams make it to the county playoffs??
    Four or eight deep?
    Do they still do that all star game feel like it been a while

  2. **********Got a much better clarification today…For the Tourament….
    We now have three Conferences…You take the Two Teams from each Conference, and that gives you six teams…You then take two more teams and you get the next two teams from all the rest of the teams in the county combined for the boys and girls…That gives the top Six Teams and Two Wild Card teams…Then you take the Eight(8) teams and rank them 1-8 for the boys and for the girls, and you rank them based on their Conferenece record from the season…Seed the boys and girls teams 1-8 and then the tourney begins at the higher seeded team’s home court…Finals/Championship Games at a high school court…Most of the teams with either 2 OR 3 games left now in the regular season…One week pretty much left for the regular season, and then the tourney will begin….

    **********We hope to have an All-Star Game from among the Guilford County schools, both public and private, after the season is complete…*********

    Looking to have the Tournament Championship Games at a high school gym this season…

  3. Kernodle girls won I think 34-16
    Grimes, Simmons led the way both ends
    Mcullen western did her thing.
    Watkins nwg can flat out play.

  4. Can you list the teams in each conference and there correct records for us. I know some of these records isn’t accurate, will record get updated to correct record?

  5. These records are as good as you are going to get for now…Watch and look at the top/best records…

    Boys Lincoln-AJ Prep
    SWG boys and Northwest are at the tops right now for their confernce…

    Mendenhall and Northeast Guilford boys in the their coference….

    The top girls teams right now are Jamestown and Kernodle…NWG girls and Lincoln girls are in that mix, but our goal and plan is to have the Conference Records all updated by the end of the action from Next Monday….

    This is how it is for now, and we have more on the way……The Hairston girls might be in the mix now too, but I have not seen a recent record on them…More on the way….

  6. Hard to list what we don’t have, but now we have their record and thanks much for sending…We can only list what we see and what receive…We count on coaches, ADS, and fans to keep these numbers posted, and we can always use MORE…Hope to see this group soon, and was hoping maybe they would be playing Mendenhall at Mendenhall next week, and even as soon as Monday….If so, we will be there…We will be there like Ric Flair…The NEG boys used to love to do the “Ric Flair Chant” after a big win…

    More scores, more records, and more Middle School info and talk, you have come to the right place…

  7. Best to email or call the ADs at the schools and hope for a response.
    Girls side i would guess it looks to be Jamestown, Kernodle, NWG, Lincoln are automatic. The other two are NEG and Allen Jay
    Interesting to see who gets the two wild card spots. NG, Kiser, Penn Griffin??
    Not sure anyone can upset Jamestown but we shall see.

  8. We have updated the records and added AJ Prep girls at (11-0)….We are getting close to having all of the top teams listed…Have just about all of the top teams listed now…Added NEG boys and girls this weekend too…

    This is supposed to be the last week of the regular season, so it is all coming down to this upcoming week….

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