High School Basketball Tonight(2/19/24) with Metro 4-A Tournament and YES, this game was close, SEG girls 65, Page 62:MORE Scores/NG girls now (24-1)

Final from Southeast Guilford HS in Round One of the Metro 4-A Basketball Tournament:
Southeast girls 65, Page 62
End of First Quarter:SEG 19, Page 12…Halftime:Page 31, SEG 31…End of Third Quarter:SEG 44, Page 41…Final:SEG 65, Page 62
Morgan Odom led SEG with 22 points, Jasmine Riggs 13, Sophia Stevens with 11, Logan Ehrnhardt 11, Shealey 6, Staton 2 more…
Page led by Hattie Sloyan with 24 points, Assyria Hooper 15, Lola Vanore 12, Sutton Sherrill 8, Hailee Cook 3…

Postgame Interview and a good one with SEG head Hannah Revis, plus Jasmine Riggs, Sophia Stevens and Morgan Odom..This talk with the players tells the story….CLICK BELOW for this very big and good video…

SEG-Page girls was a battle until the final horn sounded….A big part of this game was the work turned in by both teams at the Foul Line/Charity Stripe…SEG with 17 made Free Throws….Page with 11 made Free Tosses…And somebody must have got the memo, reminding everyone again about the Free Throws…Those babies are FREE…Come and get them, Free Shots when you are fouled, so come cash in…

I told Morgan Odom from SEG that I took 125 free throws on Sunday at my Sunday afternoon workout…And she one-upped me and said she shots 500 shots each morning before school, out there in her driveway/near the backyard….I bet I shot 400 shots overall on Sunday, but they weren’t all FT’s, and I don’t know for sure if I reached the 500 mark, but Morgan Odom from SEG is doing it EVERY morning before school..

In tonight’s game, every time SEG would get a lead, and it looked like Page was gone, to the Pirates’ credit, Page kept coming back…And when Page would get out in front, SEG was never too far away…The Falcons put a lockdown on defense in the late stages of this contest…SEG made a concerted effort to keep the ball out of Hattie Sloyan’s hands and it worked for the most part, and eventually, Hattie fouled out of the game…Page would look to freshman Lola Vanore to get them back on top, but SEG had an answer for her too, as the Falcons led by Sophia Stevens and Jasmine Riggs were not letting Page and Vanore, get the upper hand on SEG….

We called this game to be the closest game for Round One of the Metro 4-A Conference Tournament, and we were right on the money with that Sunday night call….Next up for SEG in the semifinals of the Metro 4-A Tournament will be the Northwest Guilford Vikings…NWG at (19-6) and SEG at (16-8)….SEG over NWG by nine points, 43-34, at Northwest Guilford HS, and then Northwest took care of SEG, at Southeast, 54-27…In the second meeting, NWG over SEG by 27 points, and the difference between Game One and Game Two was Maslyn Mosbacher…

From my reserach studies, Little Mos did not play in Game One at home, when NWG lost to SEG, but she was back for Game Two….And ever since Maslyn Mosbacher has come back after her ACL injury, Northwest Guilford has been a different team….More aggressive and more of an attack the rack/basket team…

I’ll give you my gut feeling, the difference in this game will be Mosbacher for NWG…Vanore from Page was tough little son/daughter of a gun at point guard, but Lola is a freshman, and Mosbacher is a senior…Mosbacher, being three years older, is stronger than Vanore, and I think that will make a difference, and be the overall difference maker vs. SEG…

For SEG to be able to stop Mosbacher, they will have to have two guards working on her on defense…One defender covers her pushing her on the right, and the other defender must pick her up when she then is foreced to go/turn left…SEG will probably try and force her to the left…Little Mos loves to drive, and she is strong, and I haven’t seen anybody she can’t drive on….

Still think Mosbacher will be the difference in the game, and somebody will do all they can to prove me wrong, and that is a good thing…Best to both of these teams, and the Winner will more than likley see the NG Nighthawks, now (24-1) in the finals on Friday night at NG…Tomorrow’s Semifinals are also slated for Northern Guilford HS, on Spencer Dixon Road…

From the “How Does She Do That Department”, Logan Ehrhardt is a five-sport athlete for the SEG Falcons….She is a very hard-working Falcon…Erhardt plays volleyball, she runs indoor track, she plays basketball, she does outdoor track and she plays softball…And I think I have all of her sports in order….This kid is thinner than the daughter Abe Lincoln never had, and we know how lean and thin Mr. Lincoln was…But Erhardt hardly ever misses her basketball shots, and she has a nice little layup routine that gets her in the scorebook…She like, many of her SEG Falcon teammates, is very deadly at the Free Throw line(She has a little twitch/hitch FT shot)…This kid can go, and there is not much of her, but pound-for-pound, you would love having a kid like Erhardt around, when your game or games are on the line…This kid can go, and she goes for five seasons every year at Southeast Guilford HS….

From the “I bet you didn’t know that, but maybe you did Department”, NWG head coach Hayley Hackett Black played for the Southeast Guilford Falcons while in high school, and she was a 1,000 point scorer for the SEG Falcons…They have a basketball with her name on it, in the SEG Falcons trophy case, and the ball says 1,048, for the number of points she scored, while playing high school basketball for the Falcons….

MORE Scores on the way….
Northern Guilford girls 76, Ragsdale 25

Northwest Guilford girls 50, Western Guilford 30

Southwest Guilford girls 52, Grimsley 32

Tuesday night at 6pm at Northern Guilford HS:Semifinals….
#2 Northwest Guilford girls vs. #3 Southeast Guilford girls

Wednesday:#1 Northern Guilford girls vs. #4 Southwest Guilford girls 6pm…Semifinals
Page boys 69, Northwest Guilford 39
Page Scoring for tonight:
Jayden Lee w/ 19 pts
Jackson Sellars w/ 11 pts
@Drew Bartlett & Tyren Martin w/ 10 pts

Grimsley boys 89, Southeast Guilford 34

Southwest Guilford boys 93, Ragsdale 53

Northern Guilford boys 62, Western Guilford 50

Tuesday at 7:30pm #2 Southwest Guilford boys vs. #3 Northern Guilford boys Semifinals
Wednesday at 7:30pm #1 Grimsley boys vs. #4 Page boys Semifinals

The key for the Tuesday night game will be for the SWG Cowboys to speed up the game…They do that and the Cowboys keep on winning…SWG did that vs. Grimsley last Tuesday, vs. Northwest Guilford last Friday, and against Ragsdale on Monday night…Beat NWG 91-44, and Ragsdale, 93-53…The Grimsley score was SWG 80, Grimsley 72…So SWG goes for 80, 91, and 93 points over their last three contests, and that is for sure speeding up the game, and getting to the hole…

Also Northwest Piedmont 1-A:
Bishop McGuinness boys 73, Triad Math and Science 27

Central Piedmont 4-A Boys:
Mount Tabor 79, Glenn 54
East Forsyth 64, WS Reagan 55
West Forsyth 82, WS Parkland 74
WS Reynolds 65, Davie 62

West Forsyth boys vs. RJ Reynolds on Tuesday at 7:30pm at Davie
East Forsyth boys vs. Mount Tabor on Wednesday at 7:30pm at Davie

Central Piedmont 4-A Girls:
Mount Tabor 60, Glenn 35
West Forsyth 44, WS Reagan 29
Davie 59, WS Parkland 51
WS Reynolds 54, East Forsyth 35

Tuesday 6pm:Davie vs. WS Reynolds 6pm Semifinals at Davie County
Wednesday 6pm:Mount Tabor vs. West Forsyth 6pm Semifinals at Davie County

Piedmont Classical girls 47, College Prep and Leadership Academy 39