Bill Belichick could be joining a whole new team: The Peyton Manning “Omaha Productions Company” wants Bill as part of their team(If they can get him, they will take Nick Saban too)

Bill Belichick could team up with legendary NFL QB
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After spending 20 seasons with Tom Brady, Bill Belichick could be joining forces with another legendary quarterback, although this time on a different field. According to Andrew Marchand of The Athletic, Peyton Manning is trying to recruit the six-time Super Bowl champion.

“Peyton Manning is pursuing Bill Belichick in an effort to sign the longtime New England Patriots head coach with Omaha Productions, Manning’s entertainment company, officials briefed on the plans told The Athletic,” Marchand writes.

Considering this is Bill Belichick, this potential signing won’t come that easy for Manning and Co. Even amid head-coaching rumors, Belichick was considered a potential candidate to join high-profile networks to share his knowledge of the game at least for one season.

Manning can make a big addition with the former Patriots head coach, and one of the potential plans for the pair would be a collaboration.

“A Belichick-Manning collaboration is one of many options that Belichick, considering by many the greatest NFL coach of all time, has on the table after being on the sidelines for nearly five decades,” he added.

Omaha Productions is making some noise around the NFL. The ‘Manningcast’ became one of the most entertaining shows during the NFL season with Peyton and his brother Eli hosting notable guests. Moreover, they produced Netflix’s hit series ‘Quarterback’ and are set to premiere another season focused on different players.

Landing Belichick would be huge for Manning. Marchand also mentions the idea of pairing Belichick with Nick Saban, which would take the two-time Super Bowl champion’s company to a whole other level.