Former Carolina Panthers’ QB Cam Newton criticizes Atlanta Falcons for ‘alarming’ Kirk Cousins contract

Cam Newton criticizes Falcons for ‘alarming’ Kirk Cousins contract
from Michael Gallagher, with

The four-year, $180 million contract that included $100M guaranteed that the Atlanta Falcons and quarterback Kirk Cousins agreed to was finalized on Wednesday when the new NFL year began, and of course former

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton had something to say about it.

During a recent episode of the “4th & 1” podcast, Newton called Cousins’ new deal “alarming,” stating that the Falcons chose a player who wasn’t much of a gamble.

“Even though it is extremely alarming that he only had one playoff win in 12 years, he’s been breaking the bank,” Newton said. “But it’s a safe pick. I feel like the Atlanta Falcons were trying to go find a Matt Ryan.”

Much has been made of the amount of money Cousins has accrued over his 12-year career, of which he was a starter for nine of those years, despite his 1-3 record in the postseason.

Including the guaranteed money from his new deal, Cousins has made a reported $331.4M, second-most in NFL history behind only Aaron Rodgers ($343.5M). For context, the largest deal Newton signed was a five-year, $103.8M deal with the Panthers back in 2015.

Of course, Newton’s remarks also had an undertone of jealousy. He pointed out that he remains unsigned while Cousins was given one of the biggest contracts for a QB in NFL history while coming off a more devastating injury than his.

“I can’t make it about me, but if I were to make it about me, it’s like I had a Lisfranc injury,” Newton remarked. “It’s not as bad as an Achilles injury. But damn…who was [Cousins’] agent? Like who the [expletive] is structuring all of these? I’m looking at this like won’t [Cousins’ agent Mike McCartney] do it?”