Zion Williamson(New Orleans Pelicans) losing weight and gaining supporters/followers

Zion Williamson’s reported weight loss shows he took criticism personally
from Sai Mohan, with YardBarker.com/www.yardbarker.com

As controversial as it sounds, Zion Williamson was body-shamed by the media and fans last December.

After the Pelicans lost to the Lakers in the semi-final of the in-season tournament, ESPN’s Stephen A Smith took it upon himself to draw a ton of attention to Williamson’s weight. He went as far as to suggest that the Duke product would “eat a table” and that chefs in New Orleans were lining up outside his house to fulfill his cravings.

Of course, the rest of the media had to jump on the bandwagon and question Williamson’s commitment to being a pro.

During the entire time, Williamson quietly went about playing basketball — in the healthiest season of his career — while keeping the Pelicans in contention for a playoff spot in the crowded West, where Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry or LeBron James haven’t secured postseason berths. Williamson has. The Pels are just a game away from surpassing the Clippers for the No. 4 seed as the season draws close.

If the Pelicans make noise in the postseason, do Smith and others owe Williamson an apology? Did the 23-year-old take Smith’s criticism too personally? Because the word on the street is that Williamson has shed a ton of weight since being brutally torn down on the national airwaves.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Williamson has lost more than 25 pounds since Smith and others questioned his love of basketball last December.

“I’ve got people in New Orleans telling me that since December, when the in-season tournament happened, Zion Williamson has lost 25 or more pounds and his performance has been excellent,” Windhorst said on Monday’s “Hoop Collective” podcast. “He’s playing fewer minutes and I think that helps as well, but I’ve got people telling me he’s lost 25 pounds.”

A before-and-now photo slide of Williamson (from December to March) can be seen below.