Greensboro Grasshoppers Sunday Afternoon Baseball Report brought to us by Mike Causey for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner:Hoppers hold off Dash, and Two-Run Homers from Ross and Head help

Final from Sunday afternoon in Winston-Salem at Truist Stadium:

Greensboro Grasshoppers 6, Winston-Salem Dash 4
Hoppers take the Six-Game Series over the WS Dash, 4 games-to-2…
WP:Yunior Thibo(1-0)
LP:Riley Gowens(0-1)

Hoppers line-6-6-2
Dash line   -4-9-0

Greensboro Grasshoppers(6-3)
Winston-Salem Dash(3-6)

Hoppers got two-run Home Runs from both Shawn Ross and Hudson Head on Sunday, to head up their hitting, and the Hoppers’ LHP Cy Nielson was able to hold off the Dash in the bottom of the ninth inning…Greensboro took a 6-1 lead into the bottom of the ninth at Winston-Salem, and the Dash battled back behind Doubles from Shawn Goosenberg and Jacob Gonzalez…Shawn Goosenberg doubled on a line drive to right fielder Rodolfo Nolasco. Samuel Zavala(HBP) scored. Jacob Gonzalez scores. Shawn Goosenberg moved to 3rd. Shawn Goosenberg advanced to 3rd, on a fielding error by right fielder Rodolfo Nolasco. Bryce Willits grounded out, second baseman Termarr Johnson to first baseman Josiah Sightler. Shawn Goosenberg scored.
GBO 6,WS 4

Cy Nielson gave up three runs on the two hits(2 Doubles), he walked none and struck out no Dash batters, but he also hit one batter(Zavala)…Hoppers’ winning pitcher Yunior Thibo went 2 innings, allowing 0 runs, on 2 hits, with 0 BBs/0 Ks…Dash losing pitcher Riley Gowens worked 4 2/3’s innings, giving 2 runs on 2 hits, with 2 BBs/5 Ks, and he gave up a two-run HR to Hoppers’ catcher Shawn Ross…

Top of the 5th Inning:Shawn Ross homers on a fly ball to left field. Josiah Sightler scores.
GBO 2,WS 0

Top of 9th inning:Wild pitch by pitcher Johnny Ray. Sammy Siani scores. Rodolfo Nolasco to 3rd. Josiah Sightler to 2nd.
GBO 3,WS 1
Hudson Head homers on a fly ball to right center field. Rodolfo Nolasco scores. Josiah Sightler scores.
GBO 6,WS 1

The Greensboro Grasshoppers took a 2-1 lead to the top of the ninth inning, padded the lead, making 6-1 Greensboro, and then they held to win, after a Wild Ride in the bottom of the 9th inning…

Hoppers at the plate:Mitch Jebb 1-4/BB…Termarr Johnson 1-3/BB…Sammy Siani 1-4/Run…Rodolfo Nolasco 1-3/BB/Run…Josiah Sightler 1-3/Double/BB/2 runs…Shawn Ross 1-3/HR/2 RBI…Hudson Head 1-3/HR/BB/3 RBI…VERY productive at the bottom of the Hoppers’ batting order with Ross at #8 and Head at #9..

Time of Game-2:58
Game Time Temp-76 Degrees

Next Up:Hoppers(6-3) OFF on Monday, and back home in action on Tuesday night at 6:30pm, vs. the Hickory Crawdads at First National Bank Field…