Is there a “Method to the Metro Madness”???

Just one conference game left for each team in the Metro 4-A Baseball Conference….Things are still tight in the middle, with the Ragsdale Tigers taking charge of the conference, and they own the league’s top spot….

Here are those standings, with ONE conference game remaining, and the teams will try and clear things up on Friday night…

School Name	                *W-L	 	W-L	 
Ragsdale	                 11-2	 	15-4	 
Northwest Guilford	          9-4	 	13-7	 
Southwest Guilford	          8-5	 	13-8	 
Southeast Guilford	          8-5	 	10-12	 
Grimsley	                  7-6	 	12-9	 
Northern Guilford	          6-7	        9-11	 
Page	                          3-10	        10-12	 
Western Guilford	          0-13	 	2-19

Friday night games in the Metro 4-A Conference:
Southwest Guilford at Northwest Guilford
Northern Guilford at Grimsley
Southeast Guilford at Page
Western Guilford at Ragsdale