Patrick Mahomes(Kansas City Chiefs) gets into the game, when WWE Monday Night Raw rolls into KC

Watch: Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl rings used as a weapon on WWE Raw
from Sai Mohan, with

When Monday’s WWE Raw rolled into Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes was almost expected to appear. But nobody would have anticipated the star quarterback to portray a villainous character on television.

Mahomes was presented as an ally of Logan Paul, a dastardly heel aligned with evil faction The Judgment Day. As his cronies laid the beatdown on fan-favorite Jey Uso, Paul sought a little help from Mahomes, much to the surprise of Pat McAfee on commentary and the pro-Uso crowd in attendance.

“Hey Kansas City, I got a little something you might like,” Paul said as he slid out the ring and approached Mahomes in the front row, who proceeded to hand him his three Super Bowl rings.

Ultimately, Mahomes’ rings were not used as intended, with Paul striking a member of Judgment Day by accident. Alas, that’s pro wrestling for you.

But that wasn’t the end of Mahomes’ involvement in the show. Just as Paul and Judgment Day resumed their attack on Uso, Braun Strowman rushed to the ring to beat up the bad guys before switching his focus to Mahomes.

As seen below, Strowman would approach Mahomes, who looked unfazed knowing that two of his Chiefs offensive linemen, Trey Smith and Creed Humphrey, had his back.

While Mahomes didn’t get physical in the ring, the Chiefs star deserves kudos for playing the part of a pro wrestling heel to perfection. Also, he gave over 10,000 fans in attendance a memory of a lifetime.