Caitlin Clark sets records in her WNBA Debut, some good, some not so good, but the Caitlin Clark Effect is showing up at many venues

Welcome to the WNBA: Caitlin Clark sets infamous record in debut
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Caitlin Clark made her highly anticipated WNBA debut on Tuesday night and brought a championship game feel to the league’s opening night.

Unfortunately for Clark and her Indiana Fever teammates, the night produced a very mixed bag of results.

The good news: Clark scored a team-high 20 points and went 4-of-11 from three-point range. She joined an exclusive club in the process.

The bad news: The Fever lost 92-71 to the Connecticut Sun while Clark turned the ball over 10 times, setting a rather infamous record for most turnovers in a WNBA debut.

Clark has become one of the biggest stars in basketball over the past two years due to her record-setting career at the University of Iowa. But for as great and dominant as she was in college, there had to be an expectation for some growing pains and early struggles in her WNBA career.

The jump from college to any pro league is a significant one, and Clark is going to have to adjust to playing against elite competition every single night.

In the end, it is just one game that had a lot of positives and negatives.

She will make her home debut on Thursday night against the New York Liberty.

Caitlin Clark Effect: Fever Star Causes WNBA Tickets To Rise 241% In May has analyzed data on the secondary market to determine the effect that Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark has had on WNBA ticket prices.

Key Highlights:

Caitlin Clark effect causing average ticket prices to rise 241% in May
NY Liberty have most expensive WNBA ticket price at $84
Average ticket price to attend WNBA home opener is $31.17
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Caitlin Clark Effect Causes Average Ticket Prices To Rise 241%

Caitlin Clark will play five WNBA games on the road in May but the cost to watch the former Iowa star is rising fast. The average get-in price to attend those games will cost $74.40 per ticket, approximately 241% more expensive than her opponent’s next home game.

Ironically, Fever home games are the most affordable in the WNBA. Fans can attend Indiana’s first home game against the New York Liberty on May 16th for just $5.

Thanks to Clark, the New York Liberty ($84) and Connecticut Sun ($74) have the most expensive tickets to attend a WNBA home opener this season. The Chicago Sky ($50) are next on the list as the Windy City prepares Angel Reese’s first home game.

Meanwhile, the Indiana Fever ($5), Dallas Wings ($13), and L.A. Sparks ($14) are among the teams with the cheapest tickets for a WNBA home opener.

The average ticket price to attend a WNBA home opener is approximately $31.17.

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