NCCA East-West Women’s Soccer All-Star Rosters Announced

**********The NCCA is pleased to announce the rosters for the 2024 East-West All-Star Women’s Soccer match to be played July 16, at Grimsley High School’s Jamieson Stadium. The game will feature some of the best recently graduated soccer players from around the state. The rosters are attached.**********

2024 NCCA East-West All-Star Women’s Soccer


Player 		Pos.	Ht.	High School	HS Coach	
Avery	Barr	MF	5'8	Hoggard	        Justin	Schatz
Katelyn BurnetteFW	5'6	Millbrook 	Derek	Blackwelder
Leah	Carter	FW	5"7	Leesville Road 	Cooper	Paiva
Alexa	Francis	FW	5'7	Durham SofA	Amy	Green
Addison	Geiss	MF	5'7	Fuquay Varina 	Nick	Acosta
Lauren	Hollis	GK	5'8	Millbrook 	Derek	Blackwelder
Selah	Jackson	FW	5’7	Heritage 	Christian Cubs
KatieKomorner   FW	5’5	Apex Friendship Matthew	Pugliano
Reagan	Lohr	MF	5'9	Wakefield 	Thomas	Retzlaff
Erin	Pope	FW	5'4	Fike	        Chris	Mizelle
Elise Robinson	DF	5'6	Holly Springs 	Brian	Miller
Margaret Roepke	DF	5'4	Ashley 	        Erik	Graf
Lillianna Soltz	DF	5'5	Leesville Road 	Cooper	Paiva
Julia	Spang	MF	5'6	Carrboro 	Jared	Drexler
Logan	Stewart	DF	5' 3	Hoggard 	Justin	Schatz
Audrey Yazejian FW	5'1	Chapel Hill 	Jason	Curtis
Head Coach: 	Nick Acosta			Fuquay Varina


Player		Pos.	Ht. 	High School	HS Coach	
Maggie	Bish	DF	5’5	Hendersonville 	Melissa	Nitsche
Haley	Crowe	DF	5'10	Hibriten 	Shea	Bridges
Reese	DeJong	GK	5'6	Cox Mill 	Eric	Clark
Katie	Durham	MF	5'3	Watauga	        Chris	Tarnowski
Reagan	Grant	MF	5’6	Reagan 	        Jay	Callahan
Grace Harpster	MF	5'5	East Lincoln 	Jason	Dragoon
Abbie	Hege	FW	5' 9	East Lincoln 	Jason	Dragoon
Litzy Hernandez	MF	5'4	Hickory 	Brian	Jillings
Victoria LivaudaisFW	5'10	Northern Guilford Frank Tamborino
Maggie Messner	DF	5' 3	Wheatmore 	Rick	Maness
Elizabeth NavolaGK	5'5	Christ the King Bob	Dubiel
Brianna	PacholskiDF	5'10	Christ the King	Bob	Dubiel
Trinity	RobinsonMF	5'5	Western Alamance Camden	Brooks
Avery	Rush	FW	5'8	Hough	        David	Smith
Jorja Shoffner	MF	5’5	Grimsley 	Sarah	Lord
Kylee Thompson	FW	5'4	Hough	        David	Smith
Head Coach:	Stan Elliott			Fred T. Foard

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