LA Lakers are leaning toward JJ Redick(Duke) as their next head coach

NBA insider ‘pretty positive’ JJ Redick will be the Lakers’ next head coach
from Adam Taylor, with

JJ Redick remains the favorite to become the next Los Angeles Lakers head coach. His competition for the role weakened on Wednesday as Ty Lue agreed to a multiyear extension with the L.A. Clippers.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, who was speaking on a recent episode of “The Dan Patrick Show,” he’s “pretty positive” Redick will become the Lakers’ next head coach.

“I will be very surprised if their next head coach is anybody but JJ Redick,” Haynes said. “Everything I’m hearing is JJ Redick. From what I know he’s doing some background, calling some assistant coaching candidates who might be able to join his staff or might not be able to join his staff. I’m pretty positive it will be JJ…We’ve seen coaches getting those types of opportunities. Steve Nash got a great opportunity as his first coaching gig. Jason Kidd did the same thing, Derek Fisher…It’s a tough job to take.”

Sam Cassell and James Borrego have both been floated as potential candidates for the Lakers’ head-coaching role. Redick is reportedly interested in adding both of them to his assistant-coaching staff should he be hired to replace Darvin Ham. Jared Dudley could also make the move to the Lakers bench to help shore up Redick’s staff.

Regardless of who Redick selects for his coaching staff, if he gets the Lakers job, he will face a mountain of pressure. Not only will he be the most inexperienced coach in the NBA, but he will also be leading a team with the expectation of competing for a championship.

Redick will know what he’s signing up for. It won’t be lost on him how Los Angeles’ roster is disjointed. Nor will it be lost on him that there has been an air of dysfunction surrounding the locker room in recent years.

Still, if the chance to coach the Purple and Gold comes along, you must take it, even if it comes with a risk to your reputation and future chances of employment within the league.

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