Will the WWE and AEW soon get together and will they be working together???

AEW champion believes crossover with WWE isn’t out of the question
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AEW is known for having good working relationships with other wrestling companies. The company runs a crossover pay-per-view with New Japan Pro Wrestling called Forbidden Door. It also does crossover shows with CMLL, and AEW stars are free to appear on indie shows. Tony Khan also worked with Ring of Honor before purchasing the company.

Until recently, WWE didn’t follow the same blueprint. It stuck to its own roster and rarely paid attention to outside promotions. That stance has shifted slightly since Paul Levesque took over operations. Recently, some TNA stars have appeared on NXT and in the Royal Rumble.

With WWE now willing to work with outside companies, wrestling fans are starting to dream of a crossover event between the two major players on the block. According to AEW world champion Swerve Strickland, it’s more likely than ever for a potential clash of titans.

“If there’s ever a time it could happen, now is more likely than it’s ever been,” Strickland said during an interview with Bootleg Kev. ” I don’t think [Paul Levesque or Tony Khan are] opposed. I don’t think there’s a time that’s ever been more likely than now.”

While Strickland appeared optimistic, he clarified that’s only due to the previously impossible nature of the task of WWE cooperating with a competing promotion.

The last time we saw a WWE crossover was when Vince McMahon purchased WCW. The WCW invasion brought together the biggest stars in wrestling, opening up dream matches and storylines and creating multiple weeks of captivating television.

Of course, WWE wouldn’t be purchasing AEW. Instead, the entities would work together to showcase the best talent on each roster. Ultimately, the fans would be the winners. The question would be how both companies agreed on who would win each match and what wrestling style would be displayed. After all, AEW is far more physical in terms of in-ring production.

Still, if both Khan and Levesque are willing to work together on what would arguably be the biggest wrestling show of all time, the finer details would certainly not stand in the way. While a crossover event still feels unlikely, it’s clear the wrestling industry is starting to trend further into collaboration between companies. Sooner or later, AEW and WWE may have to give the fans what they want, especially if both sides are working with everyone else except for each other.

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