N.C. State’s NCAA 1983 National Championship Men’s Basketball Team to sue NCAA over NIL violations

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A group of ten players from N.C. State’s 1983 national championship basketball team are “suing the NCAA for using their name, image and likeness without their permission or providing compensation,” citing the 2021 Supreme Court antitrust case against the governing body, according to Jadyn Watson-Fisher of the Raleigh NEWS & OBSERVER.

The lawsuit, filed in Wake County (N.C.) on Monday, said that the NCAA “used images and videos of the ‘Cardiac Pack’ to advertise the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, among other commercial uses.” The NCAA and Collegiate Licensing Company are listed as defendants.

Mike Warren — one of the plaintiffs on the suit — said that the team “discussed the possibility of a lawsuit for many years” and felt “now was the right time due to the changing landscape of collegiate athletics.”

The plaintiffs noted the $1B revenue generated each year from NCAA Tournament and the $20M in broadcast rights over the next 10 years. They listed the NCAA website’s “use of videos from the team’s postseason run, which only play after advertisements.” The lawsuit stated that the NCAA has “never paid one cent” to the plaintiffs.

The lawsuit, which includes verbiage from the NCAA’s current bylaws, also alleged that the NCAA “coerced young student-athletes into signing contracts that stripped them of legal rights, citing North Carolina law.”

Watson-Fisher noted the amount of damages sought by the group “would be determined at trial,” but it “would be in excess of $25,000 and be tripled once determined” (Raleigh NEWS & OBSERVER, 6/10).

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