Mark Calloway/”The Undertaker” has hope for the struggling AEW/All Elite Wrestling: But, does Tony Khan have the acumen to run a wrestling company against the juggernaut that is the WWE???

The Undertaker shares his hope for AEW
from Adam Taylor, with

AEW is struggling.

Its viewership numbers continue to drop. The storylines aren’t being constructed for the long haul. And there’s very little reason to tune in week after week outside of taking in the in-ring production.

As such, Tony Khan’s position within the creative department has begun to be questioned by those within the industry.

Speaking on a recent episode of his “Six Feet Under” podcast, WWE legend The Undertaker shared his thoughts on AEW’s current position and his hopes for the company’s future.

“Hopefully, one day, AEW gets their crap together and genuinely creates some competition,” The Undertaker said. “That’s probably not a popular take from most WWE insiders, but from the way I look at it, competition is only going to make you better. I don’t think there’s a really true leader in the locker room. I have nothing against the man, but I don’t know if Tony [Khan] is the guy to run the company. His heart is in a good place and he wants to do something, but I don’t know if he has the acumen to run a wrestling company against the juggernaut that is the WWE.”

AEW has endured a period of stagnation in recent months. Fans are slowly tuning out of the challenger brand’s programming. Its numbers continue to decline quarter on quarter.

The company must change course and lean into the elite roster at its disposal before it’s too late. Part of that means giving more air time to build storylines and narratives.

Khan also needs to bring in some social media specialists. The best way to engage a potential new audience is to show it the best moments your offering provides. AEW’s social media strategy pales in comparison to WWE’s, especially on platforms like X and Instagram.

The Undertaker understands what it takes to succeed in the wrestling industry. He was part of the most dominant era in wrestling history. Therefore, the wider wrestling community will likely take his opinion on Khan’s leadership seriously.

Nevertheless, AEW will undoubtedly continue searching for ways to grow while staying true to its brand identity and Khan’s overall vision for the company.

Still, AEW needs to show some signs of growth. Otherwise, Khan may need to seriously consider stepping away from a leading role within the creative department.