A Great Tribute to Dudley High School Football Coach, Steven Davis

Was reading around some today, you know going from our GreensboroSports.com site, over to WRALSportsFan.com/HS OT, NCPreps.com, Greensboro.com, and then I came upon Carolina Preps.com…

I knew that Chris Hughes used to hit the high school football trails across the state of North Carolina very hard back a few years ago, and that he left Carolina Preps for a few years, and he even resurfaced for a while over at NCPreps, but when I passed by Carolina Preps today, I could see he was back tilling the soil, and hitting the high school turf again, and he was hard at it…

Looking over some of his stuff/works, I found a very good tribute piece that Chris Hughes did on Coach Steven Davis, the head football coach for the Dudley Panthers…It was done/published several months back, but I feel like it is still very relevant and something that I should share with you today, as we approach the new and upcoming 2024 high school football season….

This is written by Chris Hughes, from Carolina Preps, and that is the full disclosure right there, and this post is not from GreensbsoroSports.com, but with the way WE cover Greensboro and the surrounding Guilford County area, I feel this is the sort of article we need to share with our readers….We have spent many an hour over on Lincoln Street over the years, and this Chris Hughes post takes us there, and gives us a good bird’s eye view of how Coach Steven Davis does what he does….

Coach Davis has been doing it real well over the years, with his overall record now sitting at (225-51) and his conference overall record at (100-18), and that includes Five(5) State Championships……

Here is that piece from Chris Hughes, and Mr. Hughes says Coach Davis has paid his dues, and we all know that is old news…We have seen that happen over the years, and the high school football winning thread continues under head Coach Steven Davis, at James B. Dudley High School….

from Chris Hughes, at Carolina Preps.com:
I’ve traveled the state extensively over the past 20 years following High School Football teams. I’ve been as far West as Murphy, and as far East as Manteo, and to nearly every small town and big city in between.

What I love about High School Football is not just the play on the field, the athletes that fans rally around, and the sense of community surrounding the game, I also love watching the coaches who lead and teach these student-athletes and build incredibly strong and sustaining programs.

When I’m at games, I often find myself observing the coaches just as much as the players. I look at their mannerisms, how they lead their coaching staff, and the discipline that they instill in their players.

Watching Dudley High School head football coach Steve Davis in action is like watching the general lead his troops at the highest level. You see, I’ve been in the military, I know what a strong commander looks like, and trust me when I say this, Steve Davis has all the attributes you look for in a top general.

His teams are always highly prepared, his coaching staff makes in-game adjustments better than about any coaching staff I’ve seen in North Carolina over the last 20 years, and his players show incredible mental toughness and sideline discipline.

One of the things that I love about High School Football is seeing how coaches change the lives of the players. Under the Friday Night Lights, we see 14-to-18-year-old boys give it their all, but the reality is that many of these young men will become fathers, employees, and potentially even coaches in the not-so-distant future.

To have a strong mentor and teacher like Steve Davis guiding and leading these young men into the next stage of their lives is something they’ll always carry with them, but also shows the value that should be placed on top-tier head coaches across this state.

At Dudley, Davis has won over 80 percent of his games, he’s captured five state championship trophies and has been almost unbeatable in conference games over the last decade. He’s currently in the Top-5 of winningest active coaches in the state and has shown no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

CLICK HERE to access the Chris Hughes article on Coach Steven Davis…..