ESPN’s Courtney Cronin says the Dallas Cowboys are no longer ‘America’s Team’: We have a new ‘America’s Team’ and that team is???

Analyst says this team has replaced Cowboys as ‘America’s Team’
from Michael Gallagher, with

“America’s Team” is a moniker the Dallas Cowboys were given during the late 1970s as a result of having arguably more television exposure than any other team in the NFL.

And while the team may have lived up to its nickname with three NFC Championship Game appearances in the 1980s and three Super Bowl titles from 1992 to 1995, it’s been a long time since Dallas gave fans much to cheer about.

This is why ESPN’s Courtney Cronin recently stated during an appearance on “First Take” that the Cowboys should no longer be able to refer to themselves as “America’s Team,” and instead that designation actually belongs to another team.

“Absolutely not, and they haven’t been America’s team since the last time they won a Super Bowl,” Cronin said. “You know who ‘America’s team’ is? The Kansas City Chiefs. In an era that has been defined by often-forced parity, you’ve got a dynasty. We don’t have dynasties in the NFL all that often anymore. The Cowboys were that back in the ’90s, back when I was a toddler not even watching the NFL yet. We saw it before the Kansas City Chiefs with the New England Patriots. And we haven’t seen it since.”

To Cronin’s point, the Chiefs have had a Cowboys-like run since Patrick Mahomes took over as the team’s starting quarterback in 2018.

In that time, the Chiefs have played in six straight AFC Championship Games, winning four of them, and they’ve played in four of the last five Super Bowls, winning three of them.

Kansas City also has a chance to be the first team in NFL history to three-peat as Super Bowl champions in 2024.

“What we’re witnessing right now — all-time-greatest play from someone like Patrick Mahomes…you can throw Travis Kelce in the mix there too, what makes them ‘America’s Team’ is the consistency in which they are winning, the ability to do it no matter how many pieces are changing in and out,” Cronin added.

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