Andy Durham – “16 Win By 2” – The Book

“Kid, you’d better get home… your parents are going to be looking for you. Don’t you know it’s getting late and dark? Get home, kid!”

It was getting late, and I was shooting by the light of the moon, but I was forty years old, and my parents turned me loose many years ago. I may have looked like a kid who should be out getting ready for a trick-or-treat journey, but I was on a basketball mission — and when I told the concerned visitors that I would be OK for the night, and that I
was over forty, they were a bit shocked.

In this story of sports and adventure, author Andy Durham chronicles a basketball life on the outdoor courts.

About the Author:
Andy Durham is a 1980 graduate of Liberty University, in Lynchburg, Virginia, with a BS degree in Physical Education. He was a standout in high school football and wrestling and he was a college scholarship recipient in football.

Durham was a high school teacher and coach at Vandalia Christian School in Greensboro, North Carolina from 1980-1986, coaching soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball and cross-country. His team finished second in the state in girls basketball in 1986 and Durham was named Softball Coach of the Year in 85-86.

Andy Durham was a sports talk show host in radio from 1987-2001 and has done high school football, basketball, baseball and minor league baseball play-by-play on radio and on the internet, from 1998-2016.

Durham started a sports blog at in December of 2005 and since the blog began tracking official stats they have received 11,500,000 hits over the past 7 and a-half years…Over 11 million hits, nearly 12 million by now, and the hits just keep coming…

Andy Durham has had a very busy sports career, but has also found time to maintain his daily runs, having been an avid runner since 1978 and one of the most active outdoor basketball players in the world since 1980.

Here’s hoping 16-win-by-Two will challenge you, as you consider your next trip to the outdoor basketball court in your neighborhood.

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